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12 jun 20235 min read

United Robotics Group strengthens its position as European leader in service robotics through strategic industrial and healthcare partnerships

French-German alliance to be showcased at VivaTech 2023

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United Robotics Group strengthens its position as European leader in service robotics through strategic industrial and healthcare partnerships French-German alliance to be showcased at VivaTech 2023

  • United Robotics Group is an official partner of the French-German Tech Lab
  • The company will welcome French and German officials to debate the future of robotics in Europe
  • United Robotics Group will present its CobiotX Solution for lab automation with Solution Partner Siemens Healthineers CWE (Central Western Europe)
  • Plato, the first service Cobiot, to feature integration of Helpchat technology created by German healthcare start-up Medventi


Paris/Bochum – June 12, 2023 – United Robotics Group, the European leader in service robotics, will feature Cobiots and CobiotX solutions in the healthcare industry at VivaTech 2023, showcasing the strength of the French-German partnership in advancing the tech and robotics sector in Europe. The German-based company will present two major CobiotX innovations in healthcare – Cobiot Plato and a CobiotX Solution for lab automation – at VivaTech in Paris from June 14th-17th at hall 1, booth H21.

United Robotics Group is building CobiotX, the new generation of robotics – Robots for Humans. These robotic innovations focus on sustainability, data privacy and human safety at the core. The first Cobiot Plato was developed in France by social robotics expert Aldebaran in Paris, part of the German-based company. The service robot, capable of delivering and transporting food & beverage orders, materials and supplies, is made in France (Normandy) and 63% of its components are manufactured in Europe. At VivaTech, Plato will showcase the integration of Helpchat, a hospital order management system for patients by German based startup Medventi GmbH for the first time. United Robotics Group will also showcase the CobiotX Solution for lab automation developed with Solution Partner Siemens Healthineers CWE.

“Over the last year, United Robotics Group has made major moves to launch new Cobiots and CobiotX solutions, pushing forward Europe’s position in the service robotics industry. Our progress based on strategic partnerships between France and Germany as well as with major game changers in the healthcare industry at large,” said Thomas Hähn, Founder and CEO of United Robotics Group. “We appreciate the cooperation with Siemens Healthineers with whom we have been working for a number of years and new gamechangers like Medventi. Both are striving for automation in healthcare to support care givers and improve patient satisfaction which leads to better rehabilitation. Furthermore, it is important to highlight this successful Franco-German cooperation to continue to drive innovation and attract talent.”

Championing French-German partnerships

United Group is an official partner of this year’s French-German Tech Lab (Hall 1, D11/D15) initiated by the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, located in Paris, where

French and German academics and companies are working at the forefront of technology and innovation.

On June 15, from 1:45 to 2:15 PM, a roundtable on the French-German Tech lab stand will take place on : “The Development of European robotics leadership – key to a better tech sovereignty?”

• Patrick Brandmaier, Director, Franco-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry,

• Thomas Hähn, Founder and CEO, United Robotics Group

• Jean-Marc Bollmann, Managing Director, Aldebaran,


will debate on the development of the industry.

Patrick Brandmaier, Director of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry said: “We appreciate that United Robotics Group is an official partner of the German-French Tech Lab. The company stands for a successful French-German technological cooperation. At VivaTech, we want to explore how service robotics can contribute to Europe’s tech sovereignty.”

As United Robotics Group is headquartered in the region of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) in Germany, the company is also partner of NRW.Global Business at the German Tech Lab (Hall 1, D15). On June 15th, 14H15, Dr. Nadja Schmiedl, CTO of United Robotics Group, will participate in the Meet Germany event organized by NRW.Global Business to discuss why North-Rhine Westphalia is the ideal location for United Robotics Group.

Strategic partnerships moving forward robotics in healthcare

The company will host the solution partner Siemens Healthineers CWE showcasing their CobiotX solutions for lab automation. Together they will showcase the impact and potential of CobiotX in the life sciences environment and how these solutions can respond to a growing pressure and demand in the field for responsiveness, accuracy, and availability.

"We are pleased to join forces with United Robotics Group at VivaTech 2023, highlighting robotic solutions for lab automation challenges, particularly in the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical stages of laboratory workflows," said Dr. Guido Schütte, Siemens Healthineers head of Diagnostics for Central and Western Europe. "Our collaboration is intended to relieve qualified laboratory assistants of their daily workload by having robots take over routine tasks during the day, at night, and on weekends, among other things, so that laboratory personnel can devote themselves to more value-adding activities. Recent studies indicate that Europe, including Germany, faces a significant shortage of skilled lab professionals. By incorporating robotic solutions in a lab, we additionally aim to enhance laboratory efficiency and safety.”

On June 15th and 16th Dr. Schütte will be at the booth of United Robotics Group with Thomas Linkenheil, Co-CEO of United Robotics Group, demonstrating the CobiotX solution and on the 15th will do a live demonstration on VivaTech News at 12:40 PM.

Plato integrates new solutions for healthcare

Plato, the first serving Cobiot, will be showcased for the first time in the healthcare environment, demonstrating capacity to support nurses and care givers the workforce in delivering supplies. With this, Plato frees up the staff to focus on important human interactions in care. The demonstration includes the Cobiot's integration of Helpchat technology, a hospital

order management system for patients created by German based healthcare start-up Medventi GmbH.

"We're excited to demonstrate how Helpchat collaborates with Plato to improve the support in the healthcare sector. The patient can communicate specific request digitally so that the staff can react quickly to their needs, reducing walking distances and the stress level caused by the emergency alert. The automated use of Plato assists in this progress,” explains Fabian Nokodian, Doctor and Co-Founder of Medventi GmbH.

On June 15, United Robotics Group will also welcome Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz, entrepreneur, health economist and one of the best-known digital health experts in Germany, on the booth. Complementing the innovative robotics solutions in the healthcare sector on the booth, Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz is available as an expert in the field of digital healthcare, its development and significance.

To learn more about United Robotics Group and CobiotX, meet Thomas Hähn (Founder and CEO), Thomas Linkenheil (Co-CEO), Dr. Nadja Schmiedl – as well as the partners on the United Robotics Group booth (Hall 1/H21) from June 14-17.

About United Robotics Group

United Robotics Group, founded by Thomas Hähn in 2019, unites nine service robotics companies into a unique ecosystem by bundling hardware and software expertise under one roof. Over 450 employees and 28 nationalities work at United Robotics Group. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, United Robotics Group brings together cutting-edge technology and robotic experts from both the social and industrial world. United Robotics Group shares the common ambition to empower humanity with technology, and lighten processes for humans, helping them focus on human interactions in a safe and secure environment. As the CobiotX company who created this third generation of robotics – robots for humans, the United Robotics Group is committed to developing standardized and customized solutions to meet social and business challenges in the life science, health and care, hospitality, education, intralogistics, maintenance and surveillance sectors with quality, data protection and sustainability as key driving forces. All planning humans in the center of all. RSBG SE, the investment entity of RAG-Stiftung, focused on technology and engineering driven companies is majority shareholder of United Robotics Group. SoftBank Robotics Group is minority shareholder of United Robotics Group.


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