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At United Robotics Group, we believe that servers should focus on what matters most: customer service. Discover how robotics adds value to your business.

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Common challenges in the hospitality industry


The food services sector holds the highest quit rate among all industries. 1


The turnover rate of the hotel and motel industry. 2


of restaurants in US had to close a section because of labor shortage. 3


The average annual loss in staff turnover. 4

Experience the benefits of service robots

Improve profitability

According to the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, losing a front-line employee costs an employer, on average, $5,864. The bulk of this counting towards lost productivity while a position is unstaffed. Investing in service robots reduces the costs of hiring, training, and managing staff improving operational efficiency overall.

Customer experience

Create a novel and innovative guest experience while fostering brand loyalty with service cobiots.

Employee well-being

Robot waiters give your staff the flexibility to focus on guest experience and front-of-house success.

Stand out from competitors

Robots in restaurants create better working conditions for staff and put a unique twist on service.

With options as low as $20/day, you can get started with Plato today!

Our goal is to unify humans and robots and foster synergy between social and industrial robots to create a more human world.

Leave the running to Plato

Focus on what matters:
guest experience

Plato can handle back-and-forth tasks, such as running and bussing, so waiters can stay front-of-house.

Drive efficiency

Plato autonomously performs repetitive tasks which frees up time and resources. Plato improves operational efficiency and reduces the workload of employees in the hospitality industry.

Improve staff well-being

Plato can take on physically demanding tasks and reduce workload, decrease wait time by assisting in quicker table turnover, and improve operational efficiency.

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What our customers are saying:

Danerick Rainey, owner

Blai Restaurant

I love to be on the cutting edge, I love to be a step ahead, I love to be out of the box, so that's why Plato is on the team.

Danerick Rainey, owner of Blai Restaurant

Edwin Lurduy, owner

Mecatos Bakery & Cafe

The idea behind having Plato with us is efficiency. It will save time, money and it will complement our staff.

Edwin Lurduy, owner of Mecatos Bakery & Cafe

Try Plato, no commitment

Those who tried it adopted it. We believe you will too.


Onboarding has never
been so easy

Made for humans
  • Integrates easily with your team
  • No extensive training needed
  • Naturally controlled by voice or tablet
  • "Wow" your guests
Ready to serve in less
than 1 hour
  • No Code (non-technical skills needed, anyone can use it)
  • Only need 30 min to prepare Plato
  • Connection & configuration, mapping, points of destinations
Our team by your side
  • A dedicated team of Customer Care Managers
  • Tailor-made support for onboarding and training
  • Dedicated CSM available at any stage of the trial if you need help or information
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