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The smart CobiotX solution for lab automation.



The first serving Cobiot assistant to healthcare professionals.



The programmable humanoid robot and interactive companion.


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With CobiotX, the third generation of robotics, we’re pioneering human-to-robot interactions in our rapidly transforming society.

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Healthcare workers on the front lines and behind the scenes are already using our robots to transform the way they provide care and manage operational tasks.

Life Science

Precision and safety are our top priorities to help lab workers streamline tasks and focus on more valuable work.


Employees and customers love Plato, see what our service robots can do for you in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality industries.

Inspection & Maintenance

Empowering security professionals, optimising operations, providing thorough inspections, performing maintenance tasks, and executing precise repairs - our robots enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety both on the front lines and behind the scenes.


Manufacturing, transportation, warehouse floors and manufacturing facilities alike, our robots are versatile everywhere.


Preparing the landscape of education and the generations of tomorrow with the skills they need to thrive, now with robots at our side.


Increase operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve by streamlining the mundane parts of your workflow with robotics.

Service robotics for your business

Alleviate workforce shortages, increase job attractiveness, and streamline everyday tasks—discover what robotics can bring to your business.

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