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KEVIN robot - Front side
KEVIN robot - Right side
KEVIN robot - From behind
KEVIN robot - Left Side
KEVIN robot - Front side

Bridge automation gaps right out of the box

KEVIN is tailored specifically to meet laboratory operational standards and SBS format labware.

into any lab

Integrates seamlessly into any lab

Designed with
your laboratory in mind

KEVIN's hardware components are tailored towards laboratory standards and workflows.

The technology behind

A software-agnostic solution

KEVIN integrates seamlessly into your existing software ecosystem.

The technology behind

Spot-on navigation in confined spaces

KEVIN's precise navigation allows for fully autonomous operation in dynamic and narrow environments like research laboratories.

The technology behind

Plug &
play style automation

Safe collaboration with your team

Working side by side with your team to reduce time and enhance results.

The technology behind

24/7 autonomy,
even during nightshifts

Advanced 3D perception sensors allow KEVIN to perform repeatable and reliable plate handoffs around the clock, even in dark environments

KEVIN robot - Front side

in mobility
& safety.

Effortless setup

KEVIN is designed to be integrated by end-users with a highly intuitive user experience—no robotics expertise needed.

Timelapse of Kevin


Sourced in Europe

Majority of components are sourced in Europe.


Efficient support team always available. Robot repair centers close to you in Germany, France and USA.


We value the concept of circular economy. The electronics & raw materials used for our robots are reused & recycled with a growing focus on lowering our energy consumption.

Safety and Security

GDPR and Data Privacy: your floor planning, maps, and GPS scanned by KEVIN belong to you and are protected by GDPR and data privacy.


See KEVIN in action

You want to learn more about KEVIN and potential use cases? Feel free to schedule a live demo in our demonstration lab.

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