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UMOBILELAB robot - Front side
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Flexible, modular automation solution designed for lab employees

uMobileLab is a CobiotX solution for laboratory staff. It seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and lab environments, giving time back to your team and allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

Operational excellence around the

Operational excellence around the clock

Sample handling

Reads barcodes and recognizes objects, and performs de-capping, liquid handling and pipetting.

Sample processing

Loads & operates lab equipment such as centrifuges & analyzers. Conducts reflex testing & monitors sample levels.

The technology behind

Easy integration & seamless navigation

Communicates with your lab information system (LIMS). Can navigate automatic doors and elevators, while effortlessly working around your laboratory staff.

Designed for and controlled by your team.

Designed for and controlled by your lab team

Autonomous task processing for increased efficiency

uMobileLab autonomously streamlines your lab processes and prioritizes emergency tasks.

The technology behind

Intelligent handling of samples and materials to streamline workflows

Cutting-edge programming for precision to work in complex and delicate laboratory environments.

The technology behind

Configurable skill sets for unique automation needs

Highly modular design and configuration options tailor to your individual requirements and lab environment.

The technology behind

Prioritization of human safety

Designed with the highest standards of human safety and data privacy.

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Interactive and intuitive controls for ease of use

Our intuitive uGO software allows your team members to setup and modify workflows within seconds via drag & drop.

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User-friendly with dynamic mobility

UMobileLab - Front side
UMobileLab - Front side
UMobileLab - Front side



Assisting your team anywhere, any time.

Safe autonomous navigation

Human and object detection allows uMobileLab to navigate smoothly within your lab environment ensuring the highest level of safety.

Taking elevators & automatic doors

Thanks to uGO's ability to communicate via API and MQTT, uMobileLab can use elevators to navigate between different departments on different floors, and open automatic doors.

Easy connectivity with your equipment and software

Flexible, agile & versatile.

No code needed: controlled by your team

Your team can easily setup and modify workflows due to uGO's simple, intuitive software.

Fluent communication with your LIMS

uMobileLab seamlessly integrates with your lab information management system, so all results and parameters are properly registered and documented.

Harmonious integration with your existing equipment

uMobileLab uses standard APIs and MQTT to communicate with and operate your legacy lab equipment such as centrifuges and analyzers.

Like all of our
uMobileLab is:

Socially responsible

Responsible design and manufacturing practices in Europe, as well as sustainable sourcing of materials.

GDPR compliant

Your data remains private and GDPR compliant.

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