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The Oceania Hotel Success Story

Plato X Oceania Hotel

Streamlining Service and Enhancing Guest Experience: Oceania Hotel’s Success with Serving Cobiot, Plato.

Océania Hotel is a 4-star spa hotel in Paris, a truly preserved space cut off from the hustle and bustle and yet located close to the heart of Paris in the 15th arrondissement with a unique 700 m2 garden terrace and 250 rooms, recently made the decision to adopt Plato After careful consideration and research.

In this article we will be talking to Luca, the Assistant Director of the Oceania Hotel in Paris, that shared his insights and experiences on how Plato is impacting their breakfast service that count 120 seats.From the challenges they faced during the implementation process to the benefits they’ve seen since its deployment, Luca will be providing a unique perspective on how the serving cobiot “Plato” is super powering the-front-of house staff especially the breakfast crew.

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or simply interested in the latest technology, this interview is for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in theever-evolving world of CobiotX.

The challenge

According to Luca, the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and recruiting staff has become a major challenge. «Before the pandemic, recruiting staff for the restaurant was already a challenge, but now it has become even more difficult,» he said. «Many restaurants have closed, and those that remain open are struggling to attract and retain staff.» The situation is worsen after the pandemic with many people who lost their jobs and they have to look for more secure positions.

Luca explained that the Oceania Hotel has had to adjust it’s recruit- ment strategies to adapt to the current situation. Despite the challenges, Luca is optimistic about the future of the Oceania Hotel’s restaurant. He believes that by offering a positive and supportive working environment, along with the use of innova- tive technology like Plato, the hotel will be able to attract and retain the staff they need to continue providing a high level of service to their guests.

Plato’s Onboarding:

When Luca, first introduced the idea of using a Plato, to the hotel staff, he knew that it was important to approach the implemen- tation process with a clear and transparent plan. He organized a meeting with the servers to explain how Plato would be used to help them in their tasks, not to replace them. He emphasized that the goal of introducing Plato was to streamline service and increase efficiency, allowing staff to focus on providing the best possible experience for guests.

He assured the staff that the hotel valued their skills and contributions and that their roles were still crucial to the success of the hotel. This approach helped to ease the staff’s concerns and they were more willing to embrace the new serving cobiot, Luca’s clear and transparent communication was key to the successful implementation of Plato and the acceptance of Plato by the staff.

The solution

“At the Oceania Hotel, we are excited to announce that we are now using Plato for our breakfast service. Guests can now enjoy a streamlined and efficient experience while ordering from our deli-
cious breakfast menu. 

Plato is able to deliver food and drinks. Not only does this help to optimize our staff’s time and energy, I could say that i see a physical relief on waiters, but it also allows for a more personalized and enjoyable experience for our guests.

We’ve had a lot of guests who are really interested in Plato and love having it as their server, it’s added a unique and memorable element to their breakfast experience. We are thrilled with the suc cess and believe it will continue to be a valuable asset for our business in the future. Plato is now a part of our team.”

The Oceania Hotel is exploring ways to customize Plato to better suit the needs of their guests, including the use of QR codes for easy access to the hotel’s social media pages.

I would definitely recommend Plato for restaurants and hotels, by using it they can focus on providing
the best possible experience for their guests, rather than being bogged down with menial tasks

Deputy director

The outcome

Overall, the Oceania Hotel is thrilled with the success they have had using Plato in their restaurant. Not only has it allowed them to streamline their service and increase efficiency, but it has also added a unique element for their guests. They have no doubt that Plato will continue to be a valuable asset for their business for years to come.

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