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The potential to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency,
and reduce costs in healthcare with robotics.

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The challenges of healthcare are increasing


of the world's population will be over 60 years by 2050. 1


of decline of worldwide fertility rate for the last 70 years. 2


health workers are estimated by 2030. 3


of health professionals say they are confronted with physical suffering. 4

This is what robotics can bring

Boosting Patient Morale

Social robots engage and comfort patients, uplifting their spirits.

Rehabilitation Aid

These robots facilitate physical and cognitive therapeutic activities, aiding patient recovery.

Health Education and Adherence

Social robots ensure patients understand their health conditions and maintain their medication schedules, enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Optimizing Hospital Supply Management

Delivery robots ensure timely provision of room supplies, boosting operational efficiency.

Efficient Visitor Guidance

Way-finding robots assist visitors and patient families in navigating hospital facilities, freeing healthcare staff to focus on more critical tasks.

Empower caregivers, enhance patient journeys.

Boost care, accelerate recovery, and optimize operations with robotics in healthcare.

Enhance Caregiver Efficiency
  • Reduces workload by automating routine tasks
  • Allows more time for personalized patient care
  • Improves job satisfaction and reduces burnout
Support Patient Recovery
  • Assists with physical and cognitive therapies
  • Provides emotional support and companionship
  • Encourages treatment adherence through reminders
Streamline Facility Operations
  • Delivers room supplies promptly
  • Assist visitors to find their way, freeing staff for other tasks
  • Contributes to overall operational efficiency

Get insights from those who have already adopted them.


Stralsund, Germany

Plato supports the medical staff by taking over tasks like transportation of things.

Plato x HelpChat by Medventi

  • Plato takes care of carrying the equipment
  • The HelpChat application assists medical staff in prioritizing their tasks.

Lyon, France

Plato allows us to save time with our residents and spend more time with them.

  • Dining room of 100m² 
  • Capacity of 80 residents

Fulda, Germany

What I like about Pepper is that, it has a positive effect on the well-being of the residents.

Pepper x Robot

Care relief for professional care by Entrance GmbH part of URG - Support Ergotherapy for elderly





NAO helps patients to have more motivation and adherence to treatments.

NAO x Inrobics

An innovative solution for rehabilitation

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Provide a unique and optimized patient experience

Plato improves the quality of work in the healthcare sector

  • Quick installation & setup
  • Lively & friendly
  • LED indicators
  • Agile in crowded environments
  • Designed for safety and certified

Pepper has a positive impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Able to recognize faces and basic human emotions
  • Able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen
  • Safe and efficient movement in lively spaces

NAO as a co-therapist: an innovative solution for rehabilitation

  • Immersive therapy experience
  • Adapted and personalized therapy routines
  • Possibility to observe patient’s results and progress
  • Increased patient’s motivation, attention and adherence to the treatment

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