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Serving robots are the new ally of hospitality.

We believe that waiters should do what they do best: human relations. Discover how our advanced robot servers can enhance efficiency and customer experience at your business.

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Common challenges in the hospitality industry


most reported work injury at Foodservice. 1


Staff turnover rate in the restaurant industry in Europe 2


of restaurants in US had to close a section because of labor shortage 3


Cost of employee turnover (fluctuation) in Europe 4

Explore the benefits of robot servers

Improve profitability

While the initial investment in restaurant robots can be high, in the long run, their use can reduce the costs of hiring, training, and managing staff. This can significantly improve overall operational efficiency

Customer experience

Interactions with robot waiters are intriguing and innovative, enhancing the overall experience for your guests.

Employee satisfaction

Robot waiters give restaurant staff freedom to focus on human-centered tasks: customer interaction or management.

Differenciate from competitors

Customers enjoy robots in restaurants delivering superior service while creating better working conditions for staff.

Our service robot Plato supports your staff for 23€/day

We aim to pioneer and unify the robots-for-humans experience,
and create a cohesion between social and industrial robots.

Leave the running to Plato

Focus on what matters:
client relations

Plato can take over tasks such as bussing, transporting material so waiters can focus on applying their know-how.

Save time

Plato performs repetitive tasks autonomously, which frees up time and resources. Plato helps to improve operational efficiency and to reduce the workload of employees in the hospitality industry.

Improve staff well-being

Plato can reduce workload, decrease wait time, take on physically demanding tasks, and improve operational efficiency.

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Get insights from those who have already adopted it

Plato in hotel

Oceania Hotel

Plato has a payload of 35 kilos. And so it allows my teams to load Plato more easily, more quickly, to clear more space in one moment and it relieves them physically.

Lucas, Director Assistant

  • Breakfast room : 120 seats
  • Patio-Bar Restaurant
  • 100 seats (room / terrace)

Paris (France)

Osteria Restaurant

We don't need to make 2 or 3 tours. For a table of 6 or 8 customers already put 6 dishes on the robot and we arrive with 2 dishes after.

Julien, waiter

  • 10 waiters
  • 200 seats

Henriette Restaurant

Plato will simplify the work of our team

Guillaume, Manager

  • 10 waiters
  • 300 m² room
  • 200 seats

Mewa Arena - Mainz Stadium

Therefore, I think it has the potential to become a colleague.

Larissa, waitress

  • 10 waiters
  • 100 m² room
  • 90 seats

Le Meridien Etoile

Catering staff perceive Plato as a support during clearing tables. Plato allows them to save time for service.

Marko Radin, Food and Beverage Manager

  • 1,025 rooms
  • 250 covers/service
  • 700 up to 800 breakfasts delivered

Howard Paris Hotel

The voice command gives us swiftness.

Lina, waitress

  • 10 waiters
  • 300 m² room
  • 150 seats

Try Plato, no commitment

Those who tried it adopted it. We believe you will too.


Onboarding has never
been so easy

Made for humans
  • Integrates easily with your team
  • No extensive training needed
  • Naturally controlled by voice or tablet
  • Clients are charmed
Ready to serve in less
than 1 hour
  • No Code (non-technical skills needed, anyone can use it)
  • Only need 30 min to prepare Plato
  • Connection & configuration, mapping, points of destinations
Our team by your side
  • A dedicated team of Customer Care Managers
  • A tailor-made support for robot onboarding and training
  • Dedicated CSM available at any stage of the trial if you need help or information
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  • 100% deducted if purchase or RaaS
  • Can be extended a max. of 2 times a week

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