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Discover CobiotX

Providing smart robotic solutions with a societal perspective on the major challenges to make the world of tomorrow more human.

Thomas Hähn
Founder & CEO
Discover CobiotX

Preparing for the
challenges of tomorrow

Beyond the potential robotics has to greatly improve our everyday lives by performing tasks that are repetitive or dangerous, it has role to help the next generation advance and overcome the new challenges of society.

Relieve staff from dangerous,
dull and monotonous work.

Respectful Innovation

Automate many tasks such as bussing and transporting heavy materials, so staff can focus on the customer, their relationships, and their know-how.

Here to help

Our robots are designed to function where we need them, when we need them. They’re designed to be autonomous with only what they’re asked to do by us, because we believe robots should be defined with limits, so humans can advance.

The European Service Robotics Leader

We aim to pioneer and unify the robots-for-humans experience,
and create a cohesion between social and industrial robots.

European expertise under one roof

Hardware & software products

Combine social and industrial robotic expertise, we excel in hardware and software product development and manufacturing. We provide innovative solutions with high standards of quality and performance.

Integration & service

With our ecosystem of specialized integrators, and their experienced vertical know-how to deliver customized solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of different industrial sectors.

Robot as a service

Flexible ownership solutions for our robots, including purchase, rental and leasing options, ensuring sustainability through product recycling.

Supported by
international funds

We come from a recognized & visionary fund: RAG-Stiftung, and we are part of RSBG Automation & Robotics. We are sister companies with HAHN Automation Group

The United Robotics Group, also a part of the RAG-Stiftung through our holding company, contributes strongly to the regional development of the Ruhr Region due to its activities in this region and reinforces the European technology location in its entirety.

Bernd Tönjes
CEO of RAG-Stiftung
More about RAG-Stiftung

Robots for Humans

The next generation of robotics: CobiotX.

The evolution of human-robot collaboration

CobiotX aims to revolutionize the way we interact with robots by working hand-in-hand for people, instead of independently from us. 


CobiotX strives for flexibility, agility, simplicity, and adaptability, ultimately empowering more valuable human-to-human interactions. 




A cobiot, is a type of robot designed to interact with humans in a shared environment, dynamically adapting to human environments and handling various tasks under human control.


An example of a cobiot is Plato, a serving cobiot designed for the healthcare and hospitality sectors.




CobiotX solutions

A CobiotX solution is an integrated package of robot or cobiot hardware, software, and services that meet the same CobiotX criteria as cobiots.


It emphasizes human-robot collaboration, flexibility, data privacy, and social responsibility in its operations.


uMobileLab, a smart CobiotX solution for lab automation, is an example.


Based on a strong legacy

You may recognise some of our best innovations from classrooms, hospitals, and more

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