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United Robotics Group Showcases uMobileLab at the Arab Health Summit

Arab Health will see the first appearance of our mobile robotic solution uMobileLAB in the Middle East Market

24 jan 2024

Innovating Healthcare with uMobileLab: 

Arab Health will see the first appearance of our mobile robotic solution uMobileLAB in the Middle East Market. This multipurpose solution enhances patient care and staff satisfaction by improving efficiency, reducing workload, and freeing up highly qualified laboratory staff for high value tasks while ensuring more precise results and faster turnaround times. uMobileLAB automates a huge range of laboratory operations such as routing specimens to multiple analyzers, racking specimens around the clock as well as loading, unloading and operation of analyzers and other lab peripherals. uMobileLAB reduces walking distances up to 70 percent, relieves lab talents during the peak hours and significantly eases staffing requirements for weekend and night shifts. We invite you to join us in Dubai, where we will be unveiling our innovative solution, uMobileLab, at booth Z6.F30.

uMobileLab: Revolutionizing Laboratory Automation 

uMobileLab, our latest technological masterpiece, is set to make its debut in the Middle East at the Arab Health Summit. This state-of-the-art laboratory automation system is designed to redefine efficiency, accuracy, and safety in healthcare laboratories. Here's a glimpse of what uMobileLab offers: 

  • Advanced Automation: uMobileLab automates critical laboratory processes, allowing for faster and more accurate results, which is vital in healthcare diagnostics. 
  • Enhanced Precision and Safety: With its precision-driven design, uMobileLab minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring high-quality outcomes in laboratory tests and research. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: We understand the importance of simplicity in operation. uMobileLab features a user-friendly interface, making advanced laboratory automation accessible to all healthcare professionals. 
  • Scalability and Versatility: Whether it's a small clinic or a large hospital, uMobileLab's scalable design adapts to different laboratory sizes and types, offering versatile applications across various medical fields. 

Experience uMobileLab at Our Booth 

We will provide live demonstrations of uMobileLab at our booth. Our team of experts will be available to discuss how uMobileLab can transform your laboratory operations and answer any questions you may have.   

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare 

The Arab Health Summit is more than a showcase; it's a platform for innovation, collaboration, and progress. By introducing uMobileLab, we aim to contribute significantly to the healthcare sector, offering solutions that meet the evolving demands of medical science. 

United Robotics Group is at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare. We believe in creating solutions that not only advance medical practices but also enrich human lives. Your presence at our booth will add to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that we cherish. 

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