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Automatica : United Robotics Group Presents Advanced Robotics Solutions at the event 2023

United Robotics Group prepares to unveil next-gen robotics solutions at automatica 2023, showcasing innovation, collaboration, and advanced technologies. Join us at this industry event to witness the future of automation and explore cutting-edge robotics solutions.

9 jun 2023
Munich, Germany
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Bochum, Germany - May 31, 2023 - United Robotics Group, the leading European service robotics provider, is excited to present its extensive range of robotics solutions at automatica 2023, the highly anticipated international trade fair for automation and robotics in Munich. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, United Robotics Group aims to introduce the next generation of robotics solutions that will shape the future of automation.

Booth Numbers: Visit United Robotics Group at automatica 2023:

  • Hall 4 Booth 310: Inspection and Maintenance Sector, Showcasing RB Watcher Reality Capture, a robotic solutions for 3D reconstruction (reality capture) in applications such as inspection, construction, energy, oil and gas or waste management, and New Mobile Platform Based on Plato
  • Booth 312: Robotnik Automation, featuring RB-WATCHER: a new mobile robot for surveillance and security
  • Visit us at the Service Robot city : CobiotX portfolio for Hospitality, Life Science and Healthcare. Including Cobiot Plato and CobiotX uMobileLab.

CobiotX, the Latest Generation of Robots developed by United Robotics Group, will take center stage at the exhibition. These collaborative robots are designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety across various industries through seamless human-robot collaboration. By harnessing advanced robotics technologies, United Robotics Group addresses the evolving needs of businesses while minimizing the impact of skilled worker shortages.

One of the highlights of the exhibition will be the autonomous mobile inspection robot, RB watcher, from Robotnik Automation. This innovative automation solution can recognize environments, perform routine controls, and monitor rooms and infrastructures, providing enhanced safety and availability.

In addition to the robotics demonstrations, United Robotics Group will introduce a new mobile platform based on Plato, the first serving Cobiot. Originally developed for the hospitality industry, this platform has been adapted to address the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing, intralogistics, and retail sectors. Equipped with an intelligent indoor navigation system, the autonomous mobile platform offers agile transportation capabilities under human supervision, ensuring optimal efficiency and operational flexibility.

The presence of Robotnik Automation, United Robotics Group's Spanish subsidiary, at automatica 2023 further strengthens the company's comprehensive portfolio. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore Robotnik Automation's extensive product range, particularly in the logistics and inspection and maintenance sectors. Their expertise in mobile manipulator technology and engineering projects complements United Robotics Group's commitment to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Contact us now to schedule a meeting at Automatica 2023 and discover how United Robotics Group can transform your industry with innovative robotics technology.

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