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United Robotics Group at MEDICA 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany - United Robotics Group is set to participate in MEDICA 2023, the distinguished gathering for medical professionals and life science enthusiasts from around the globe.

19 oct 2023
Düsseldorf, Germany

From 13th to 16th November in Düsseldorf, MEDICA will present breakthrough advancements and novel technologies in the healthcare and life science sectors. We are enthusiastic about presenting our distinct robotic solutions that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities within these fields.

Spotlight on Our Innovations to Be Presented at MEDICA 2023:


Pushing for a smarter and more accessible laboratory automation, uMobileLab is our innovative approach to automate the processes without modifying your exiting laboratory setup and environment. Designed with utmost precision, uMobileLab combines autonomous mobility, flexible automation skills with an unchallenged ease-of-use. Our presentation will elucidate how uMobileLab collaborates seamlessly with human team members,  increasing operational excellence while maintaining workplace safety at any time. During MEDICA, we will delve deeper into its various applications and how it complements human expertise in laboratories.


The world of geriatric care is ever-evolving, and Pepper is our answer to making elderly lives richer and more fulfilling. Pepper's emotionally attuned design makes it an invaluable companion, especially in nursing homes and hospitals. Through its advanced sensory systems, Pepper understands and responds to human emotions, offering physical exercise guidance, cognitive stimulation, and a range of entertainment options. This humanoid robot brings warmth, companionship, and cognitive stimulation to the elderly, making their days brighter and more engaging.


In a significant partnership with Medventi GmbH and its innovative HelpChat hospital order management system, Plato has been tailored to answer the practical needs of healthcare facilities. By taking on routine tasks, such as efficiently delivering meals and handling waste disposal, Plato allows healthcare professionals to prioritize their time for patient interactions. Navigating seamlessly within bustling hospital settings, Plato’s adaptability ensures that operational flow remains uninterrupted.


Visit Us: To truly grasp the potential of our solutions, seeing is believing. Our dedicated team will be at Hall 1, Booth A04, ready to showcase live demonstrations, engage in informative Q&A sessions, and delve deeper into the adaptability and benefits of our robotic solutions for your specific needs.

MEDICA 2023 stands as a beacon for the future of healthcare and life science. With our innovative solutions – Plato, Pepper, and uMobileLab – United Robotics Group is not just participating but shaping the dialogue. Join us this November in Düsseldorf and be part of this transformative journey.

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