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World Aviation Festival 2023 in Lisbon

Join United Robotics Group at the World Aviation Festival 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal, from September 26th to 28th!

4 sept 2023

Date: 26 September 2023 (Summit Day) | 27–28 September 2023 (Main Conference & Exhibition) 

Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre, Portugal 

United Robotics Group is excited to announce its participation at the highly anticipated World Aviation Festival 2023, one of the premier events in the aviation industry. 

About the Event: 

The World Aviation Festival is a dynamic platform where aviation leaders, innovators, and industry experts gather to explore the latest trends, advancements, and solutions driving the future of aviation services. The event serves as a catalyst for shaping the industry's direction and fostering collaborations among global stakeholders. 

United Robotics Group's Engagements at the Festival: 

1. Keynote Panel - Unpacking Airport Masterplans (27th September, 11:15) 

Join us at the keynote panel, where Thomas Linkenheil, Co-CEO and Managing Director of United Robotics Group, will share insights on how airports can innovate their masterplans to ensure relevancy for decades to come. This engaging discussion will highlight the importance of technology integration, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth strategies in airport development. 

2. Presentation 

Service Robots for Airports (27th September, 15:10) 

Discover the future of aviation services as Anis Ben Mahmoud, Hospitality and Retail Business Development Director, takes the stage to present "Service Robots for Airports." Learn how our groundbreaking service robot, Plato, is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by automating labor-intensive tasks, supporting service workers, and enhancing the passenger experience. 

A new Era of Airport Security - how mobile outdoor robots can support your security teams (27th September, 11:20) 

The integrity of airside facilities is crucial to airport security. Oliver Wagner, Director of Business Development, Inspection & Maintenance, and Néstor Bolinches, Sales Manager, will showcase how mobile outdoor robots like RB Watcher enable airside security teams by providing them with sensorial capacities far beyond human perception. 

Plato - Enhancing Airport Hospitality: 

At United Robotics Group, we are proud to introduce Plato, our innovative service robot designed to transform airport hospitality services. Plato is equipped with cutting-edge features to streamline operations, empower service workers, and elevate the overall airport experience. 

Key Features of Plato: 

  • Automating Repetitive Tasks: Plato supports service workers by automating labor-intensive, repetitive, and heavy lifting tasks. This enables the staff to focus on providing personalized services to passengers, enhancing their overall satisfaction. 
  • Adapting to Changing Environments: With dynamic adaptation to changing human environments, Plato effortlessly navigates tight spaces and ensures seamless movement within crowded airport areas. 
  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: Plato's advanced obstacle avoidance system ensures safe and reliable navigation through bustling airport environments, ensuring passenger safety. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for and controlled by service workers, Plato's user interface is easily understandable and predictable. The intuitive operation allows for effortless programming and customization. 
  • Remote Control and Modification: Plato's behavior can be controlled and modified by service crews using voice commands or a tablet interface. This feature empowers service workers with genuine parallel service task execution. 

How Plato Can Help Airports: 

By automating repetitive tasks, Plato allows service workers to focus on more complex and guest-oriented activities, leading to improved staff well-being and productivity. Its seamless navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities make it an ideal solution for bustling airport environments, ensuring smooth and efficient movement. 

The user-friendly interface and remote-control features empower service workers to interact seamlessly with Plato, making it a valuable addition to the airport's workforce. Additionally, Plato's adaptability to changing environments enables it to integrate seamlessly into existing airport operations, optimizing the overall passenger journey. 

RB Watcher a new era for airport security: 

With RB Watcher URG is presenting a mobile solution for autonomous or controlled multi-sensor inspection & surveillance in any terrain. Thanks to its cutting-edge sensors, real-time communication and unchallenged mobility, RB Watcher is a valuable asset to security teams performing wide area surveillance missions.    

Key Features of RB Watcher: 

  • Sensor versatility: Various sensors such as a thermographic camera, enable security teams with capabilities beyond human perception to detect anomalies that would otherwise go unchecked. 
  • Indoor & Outdoor: Smart navigation even in challenging, rough, or extensive operating environments – both structured and unstructured.   
  • Flexible control modes: RB Watcher can operate autonomously following preset routines or can be controlled remotely in real-time by a human operator. 
  • Efficiency: Increasing the surveillance capabilities of security staff providing them with the possibility to intervene in dangerous situations without being physically present. 

Visit Our Booth - Pavilion 2 N°238: 

Experience Plato and RB Watcher in action at our dedicated booth, Pavilion 2 N°238. Witness firsthand how Plato's advanced robotics technology enhances airport hospitality services and engages with our team of experts to learn more about the unique capabilities and benefits of Plato. You will furthermore be able to experience the cutting-edge sensorial capacities of RB Watcher along with a mobility demonstration showcasing its capacity to navigate through rough and challenging terrains.   

Embrace the Future with United Robotics Group: 

At United Robotics Group, we are committed to pioneering cutting-edge robotics solutions that transform industries. The World Aviation Festival 2023 is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our vision of the future, where collaboration between humans and robots enhances operational excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Save the Date: 

Make sure to mark your calendar for the World Aviation Festival 2023, held from 26th to 28th September, at the Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed information about our participation on our social media. 

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