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24 apr 20235 min read

European Service Robotics Leader United Robotics Group Debuts at VivaTech 2023 – featuring CobiotX in Healthcare

Bringing together nine robotics companies with hardware and software expertise to develop the new generation of service robots, United Robotics Group is propelling Europe’s service robotic competitiveness.

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  • Bringing together nine robotics companies with hardware and software expertise to develop the new generation of service robots, United Robotics Group is propelling Europe’s service robotic competitiveness
  • United Robotics Group will also host their solution partner Siemens Healthineers CWE (Central Western Europe) on the stand to showcase innovative robotic for lab automation in the life science sector
  • Cobiots and CobiotX solutions designed to work collaboratively for humans under human control will take center stage


Paris/Bochum – 24 April 2023 – For the first time, United Robotics Group will participate at VivaTech 2023, taking place from June 14-17 2023, in Paris. The German-based company and European service robotics leader will showcase CobiotX, the new generation of service robots, in a healthcare and life science environments to demonstrate the impact the technologies could have in these key industries. United Robotics Group and its robotics solutions will be shown at booth H21.

The first generation of robots, classic, large industrial robots, were programmed to work independently from humans. With the second generation, small, lightweight cobots, collaboration with humans was possible. CobiotX – the new generation of robots – is designed to work collaboratively with humans. United Robotics Group defines Cobiots and CobiotX solutions as adaptable, agile robotic solutions designed to support and assist humans across multiple industries such as the healthcare or hospitality sectors. These robotic solutions respond to unique challenges faced in the workforce and bring value back to human interaction. Cobiots and CobiotX solutions are socially responsible and respectful of data privacy and human safety.

“We are excited to showcase our vision and our portfolio of Cobiots and CobiotX solutions at VivaTech for the first time. With CobiotX, we are completely revolutionizing the way humans interact with robots, allowing humans to focus on human interaction while ensuring a safe environment,” said Thomas Hähn, founder and CEO of United Robotics Group. “Our presence at VivaTech affirms our commitment to advancing Europe’s tech and robotic excellence. New robotic solutions will contribute to key industrial and economic progress.” Thomas Hähn has as an entrepreneur more than 30 years of experience in automation and robotics.

United Robotics Group will also host the solution partner Siemens Healthineers CWE showcasing their CobiotX solutions for lab automation. Together they will explore the impact and potential of CobiotX in the life sciences environment and how these are responding to a growing pressure and demand in the field for responsiveness, accuracy, and availability.

"We are pleased to join forces with United Robotics Group at VivaTech 2023, highlighting robotic solutions for lab automation challenges, particularly in the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical stages of laboratory workflows," said Dr. Guido Schütte, Head of Central Western Europe DX Siemens Healthineers.
"Our collaboration is intended to relieve qualified laboratory assistants of their daily workload by having robots take over routine tasks during the day, at night, and on weekends, among other things, so that laboratory personnel can devote themselves to more value-adding activities. Recent studies indicate that Europe, including Germany, faces a significant shortage of skilled lab professionals. By incorporating robotic solutions in a lab, we additionally aim to enhance laboratory efficiency and safety.”

United Robotics Group’s first Cobiot Plato, launched in 2022 to support the hospitality sector, will for the first time featured in a healthcare environment. Plato’s autonomous mobile platform and intelligent indoor navigation system can also offer solutions in the healthcare sector, notably, supporting care staff in transporting meals, medical supplies, daily essentials, and even managing disposals, allowing service workers to focus on delivering quality care and fostering patients & family connections.


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