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28 feb 20245 min read

Internorga 2024: United Robotics Group showcases versatile applications for service cobiot Plato in the hotel and catering industry

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  • The service cobiot Plato provides support and assistance to hospitality staff
  • The focus of the trade fair presence is on the flexible application possibilities of Plato in different environments
  • Together with its partner VedoSign, URG presents the integration of the table trackingsystem "EasyVu" with Plato

Bochum/Hamburg – 22 February 2024-The United Robotics Group (URG), European market leader in the field of service robotics, will be showcasing the flexible and versatile applications of its service cobiot Plato in the hotel and catering industry at Internorga 2024 in Hamburg from 8 to 12 March. The focus of URG's trade fair appearance in hall A3 at booth 500 will be the integration of the "EasyVu" table tracking system with Platoin collaboration with partner VedoSign. Internorga, the leading international trade fair for the entire out-of-home market, is an innovator and hotspot for trends, visionary concepts and new products and services.

The shortage of skilled workers in the hotel and catering industry in the EU has increased to over one million1 over the past three years, 65,000 of them in Germany. Automation and service robotics can play an important role and provide significant support and relief for staff-a crucial element to ensure the viability of the industry as a whole.

The service cobiot Plato, for the first time presented in Germany at Internorga last year, supports service staff in the hospitality industry with a variety of routine tasks. As part of this year's trade fair appearance, URG will be demonstrating the robot's versatile applications and functions in various environments such as restaurants, lounges, hotel buffets, bars and event locations at the booth. The Cobiot's range of services extends from serving food and drinks to clearing dishes.

Plato adapts and circulates very well in busy and crowded environments while avoiding obstacles. It has an autonomous, mobile platform and an intelligent navigation system for indoor spaces and moves independently between guests. The service cobiot is mainly characterized by its simple programming and flexible adaptation to the different requirements of the environment. For example, it can follow a pre-planned route from the kitchen to the table or move between guests to offer refreshments at cocktail parties. This year, Plato will also feature the "Follow Me" mode. With the help of sensors, the robot can automatically follow the staff. This function not only supports streamlined processes, but also increases operational efficiency.

A special highlight at the booth is the presentation of the "EasyVu" integration with Plato, which was realized in collaboration with the partner VedoSign. The solution offers a table tracking system that locates individual guests at their tables and supports efficient communication between kitchen and service staff. The personnel can find the guest directly by displaying the table number corresponding to the order on a screen. This ensures faster and more accurate order processing and delivery to customers by Plato. In this way, the robot relieves the staff and allows them to concentrate on customer service and social interactions.

"Following the launch of Plato last year, we are now demonstrating specific applications for our Cobiot - whether it’s in hospitality, hotels or restaurants. Airports are also an exciting market, as the use of robotics transform them from mere transit stations to innovation hubs. It clearly shows that Plato is opening up new opportunities everywhere by freeing up capacity and relieving staff of tedious routine tasks," says Thomas Linkenheil, Co-CEO of United Robotics Group.

At Internorga 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to see the various capabilities and ease of use of Plato and talk to experts from the United Robotics Group about the CobiotX approach, the concept, the technology and the prospects for using Cobiots.

Plato will also be showcased at the stands of resellers Stylepoint (Hall B2.EG, Stand 201) and Socamel (Hall B6, Stand 326). 


About United Robotics Group

Founded in 2020 by Thomas Hähn, the United Robotics Group unites nine service robotics companies to create a unique ecosystem by combining hardware and software expertise under one roof. More than 450 employees from 28 nations work in the company. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, the United Robotics Group brings together cutting-edge technology and robotics experts from the social and industrial world with the common goal of supporting humanity with technology and facilitating processes for people so that they can focus on human interactions in a safe environment. As the CobiotX company that created this third generation of robotics - robots for humans - the United Robotics Group is committed to developing standardised and customised solutions. The aim is to overcome social and business challenges in the fields of life science, health and care, hospitality, education, intralogistics and inspection & maintenance. Quality, data protection and sustainability are the driving forces here. People are at the centre of all planning. United Robotics Group is a subsidiary of RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft (RSBG SE), which focuses primarily on technology and engineering-driven companies. The SoftBank Robotics Group is a minority shareholder of the United Robotics Group.


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