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your future
with a highly versatile robot.

Design Your Future with a Highly Versatile Robot.

A customisable & modular solution.

Add, remove, or build tailor-made components to uLink’s robotic core and utilize its open API and no-code solution, adapting it to any business need.

The technology behind

navigation in
any environment.

uLink maintains highly precise mobility, from tight spaces to even the harshest industrial settings.

The technology behind

Driving Efficiency: Compact Mobility & enhanced staff wellbeing

A compact
& powerful
mobile solution.

With a high payload capacity and superb connectivity, uLink can operate independently for long durations, as well as in harmony with other robots and humans.

The technology behind

hand-in-hand with

uLink automates labor-intensive, repetitive, heavy-lifting, and transportation tasks, enhancing the health and well-being of workers.

The technology behind

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Data privacy & human safety

Data privacy first

High standards of data privacy and GDPR compliant. Data ownership.

Designed fo safety

Compliant with safety regulations and requirements of industrial machine safety.


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