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United Robotics Group at VivaTech 2023

Discover the future of robotics with United Robotics Group at VivaTech 2023. Explore Plato, our innovative cobiot transforming healthcare and hospitality, and experience the transformative potential of uMobileLab, our mobile and highly versatile lab automation solution. Join us in Paris from June 14-17 to witness the groundbreaking advancements revolutionizing industries worldwide.

8 jun 2023
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United Robotics Group, the European leader in service robotics, will be participating for the first time in the prestigious VivaTech 2023 event in Paris. As pioneers in the field, we will be showcasing our groundbreaking CobiotX , the new generation of robots, and unveiling our latest innovation.

During VivaTech 2023, we will highlight the impact CobiotX can have in healthcare and life science environments. By demonstrating its capabilities in these key industries, we aim to showcase the immense potential and benefits that our robotic technologies can bring. We are excited to present CobiotX as a solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by the workforce, while simultaneously enhancing productivity and the quality of human interaction.

In addition, we are delighted to welcome our solution partner, Siemens Healthineers , to our booth. Together, we will showcase innovative robotic solutions for lab automation in the life science sector. Our uMobileLab, with its autonomous and versatile capabilities, has led to major breakthroughs, including the ability to carry out minor tasks. This collaboration represents our commitment to advancing automation in healthcare and improving laboratory efficiency, responsiveness, and safety.

With Plato, we have already made a significant impact in the #hospitality and food industries by enhancing customer experience and supporting staff. Now, we are excited to bring its technology to the #healthcare industry for the first time At VivaTech 2023. By automating routine tasks, Plato empowers service workers to focus on delivering quality care and fostering meaningful connections with patients and their families.

We invite all attendees to visit our booth and experience robotics technology firsthand. Our interactive humanoid robot, Pepper ChatGPT, will be there to engage with visitors and showcase our human-centered approach to robotics. We believe that by creating interactive and engaging experiences, we can inspire and shape the future of robotics in a way that benefits society as a whole.

Additionally, on the public day of VivaTech, we will have a dedicated HR team present at our booth. We actively seek emerging tech talents who are passionate about contributing to the evolving world of robotics. If you are eager to be part of our mission to revolutionize the future of robotics, we encourage you to join us and explore the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

United Robotics Group is proud to redefine the future of robotics, putting humans at the center of our design philosophy. We prioritize safety, productivity, and enhancing human interaction with our robotic solutions. VivaTech 2023 presents a unique platform for us to showcase our breakthrough innovations and healthcare solutions. We warmly invite all attendees to join us at booth H21.

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