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Published on 13 dec 20235 min read

Enhancing Aftersales Support through Innovation: URG's Collaboration with TeamViewer

Discover the seamless integration of remote connectivity and augmented reality, enabling efficient issue resolution, skill enhancement, and exceptional customer satisfaction

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Tim Otto
Head of Marketing, Industrial Robots @ United Robotics Group

In an era where technology revolutionizes industries, United Robotics Group continues to spearhead innovation in service robotics. URG, a pioneering force and market leader in Europe, stands at the forefront of transforming human-robot interactions across diverse sectors, from life sciences to intralogistics.

URG's commitment to elevating customer experiences led to a strategic collaboration with TeamViewer, a renowned provider of remote connectivity and augmented reality solutions. 

Empowering Aftersales Service with Advanced Solutions

URG's focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence prompted the integration of TeamViewer's innovative tools into their aftersales service framework. The combined utilization of remote connectivity and augmented reality has revolutionized how URG addresses technical challenges and supports their clients effectively.

Facilitating Seamless Troubleshooting and Support

One of the key highlights of this collaboration lies in the seamless resolution of technical issues. Through TeamViewer's remote connectivity solutions, URG's clients can swiftly connect with expert technicians, allowing for real-time troubleshooting and software issue resolution, minimizing downtimes and maximizing productivity.

Augmented Reality: Redefining On-Site Support

The introduction of augmented reality (AR) solutions, facilitated by TeamViewer, has been a game-changer for URG. Equipping clients with smart glasses enables URG's experts to provide immersive on-site support. The 'You See What I See' technology empowers clients to receive hands-free guidance, incorporating AR markers and technical instructions for efficient issue resolution.

Empowering Knowledge Transfer and Continuous Improvement

Beyond immediate issue resolution, this collaboration emphasizes knowledge transfer and skill enhancement. Digital guidance not only aids in troubleshooting but also serves as a tool for on-the-job training, fostering quicker adaptation and maximizing the potential of URG's robotic devices.

The collaboration with TeamViewer enables URG to fortify their aftersales services, rendering business processes more resilient and strengthening their competitive edge.

Wassim Saedi
VP Product Management at URG

The synergy between United Robotics Group and TeamViewer represents a pivotal evolution in aftersales support within the realm of service robotics. This collaboration fosters a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and human-centric support, ensuring clients experience unmatched efficiency, continuous improvement, and unwavering support in their robotic endeavors.

At URG, the commitment to innovation remains unwavering, and this collaboration exemplifies their dedication to elevating customer experiences while pioneering advancements in the service robotics industry.

uMobileLabLaboratory AutomationLife Science

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