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Updated on 11 jun 20245 min read

Enhancing Dental Practices with Transport Robot Plato

Discover Plato, the advanced transport robot designed to enhance
efficiency in dental practices by automating routine tasks and reducing staff

Marketing Manager for Healthcare

Efficiency and precision are key in modern dental practices. Introducing Plato, an advanced transport robot designed to streamline operations in dental clinics. With its innovative features and functionalities, Plato addresses the growing challenges dental professionals face.

Understanding Plato's Features

Design and Functionality

Plato is engineered to seamlessly integrate into dental clinics. Its design is optimised for transporting disinfection bins, clean and used tools, and various storage materials. Such functionality facilitates a continuous flow of necessary items, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

Technological Specifications 

Plato utilises cutting-edge technology, including autonomous navigation, which allows it to move efficiently and avoid obstacles. This ensures it can operate independently without disrupting the clinic's workflow. The robot is also equipped with advanced sensors and mapping capabilities, which enhance its precision and reliability.

Addressing the Labour Shortage in Dentistry

Current Challenges

The dental sector is experiencing a significant shortage of skilled labour. According to the Federal Employment Agency's analysis, the dental assistant profession (ZFA) has the highest shortage among all specialist professions. This shortage puts additional strain on existing staff, leading to burnout and decreased efficiency. A quote on the shortage of skilled labour IWW Institute highlights the worsening situation of skilled labour shortages in dental practices, underscoring the urgent need for effective solutions.

How Plato Helps

Plato alleviates this issue by taking over repetitive tasks. By handling tasks such as materials transport, Plato reduces the workload of dental assistants. This leads to a significant reduction in movements, between 65% and 80%, saving an average of 38 minutes per assistant daily. These time savings allow dental professionals to focus on more critical tasks. Additionally, Plato's ability to manage tasks autonomously reduces the need for additional temporary staff, further alleviating the pressure on the clinic's resources.

Practical Benefits of Plato in Dental Clinics

Case Study: Parisian Dental Clinic

A Proof of Concept (POC) study conducted over six days at a Parisian dental clinic showcased Plato's capabilities. In this study, involving eight dental assistants and two dentists, Plato efficiently managed the transport of materials, reducing the staff's burden. The POC demonstrated that the clinic could handle a higher volume of patients without compromising the quality of care.

Efficiency and Productivity Gains

The POC revealed a significant reduction in assistants' movements, ranging from 65% to 80%. This translated to an average time savings of 38 minutes per assistant daily. These gains allowed the clinic staff to dedicate more time to essential tasks such as preparing workstations and processing patient records, including CBCT scans. The reduction in physical strain also contributed to decreased work-related injuries and fatigue among the staff.

Enhancing Patient Care

Focus on Crucial Tasks

With Plato handling routine transport tasks, dental staff can focus more on patient care. This shift allows for better management of patient records and more efficient preparation of workstations, leading to improved overall patient care. By reducing the time spent on non-clinical tasks, dental assistants and dentists can provide more attentive and personalised patient care.

Timely Delivery and Receipt of Tools

Plato ensures that tools are always available when needed, reducing the stress associated with the accumulation of soiled materials and the overloading of autoclaves. A timely delivery system enhances the clinic's operational efficiency, promoting a smoother workflow. Maintaining a steady supply of sterilised tools also reduces the risk of cross-contamination, thereby improving the overall hygiene and safety of the clinic environment.

As we saw, Plato offers numerous benefits to dental practices, such as:

● significant time savings ;
● reduced physical strain on staff ;
● enhanced overall efficiency.

By handling routine tasks, Plato enables dental professionals to focus on providing high-quality patient care. The integration of Plato can lead to a more organised and efficient clinic, resulting in better patient outcomes and higher staff satisfaction. Contact us now to learn more about integrating this innovative solution into your clinic.


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