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Published on 13 dec 20235 min read

Exploring Plato's Impact on Le Méridien Étoile Hotel's Breakfast Experience

Discover how Le Méridien Étoile Hotel in Paris innovatively addresses labor shortages with Plato, the serving robot, enhancing the food and drinks experience during breakfast.

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Senior Marketing Manager, Hospitality and Retail

Le Méridien Étoile, a prestigious Parisian hotel, has recently incorporated three service robots for clearing the breakfast buffet. We dive deep into this innovative move with insights from Marko Radin, their Director of Food & Beverage. 

Scrambled eggs, cereals, or fruit salads, the breakfast buffet brings with it a plethora of dishes, emphasizing the labor involved in carrying them and frequent trips to the back office. At Le Méridien Étoile, boasting one of the largest accommodation capacities in the capital with 1,025 rooms and suites, between 600 to 800 breakfasts are served daily. These meals require almost entirely manual clearing, highlighting the labor shortages prevalent in the industry. 

Located opposite the Palais des Congrès, steps away from the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe, this four-star establishment caters to business clients in an elegant ambiance with modern design. In such a refined setting, trolleys can seem out of place. The answer to this challenge? Three service robots, which function as serving robot from 6:30 am to 11:00 am. 

Introduced, not enforced

Named Plato, these new serving robot seamlessly integrated into the teams. This seamless transition is attributed to Marko Radin, the hotel's Director of Food & Beverage, who notes that they were not imposed upon the staff. Instead, with the agreement of top management and the Economic and Social Committee, the introduction was pitched as a trial, addressing the apprehensions of employees less comfortable with new technologies. The key takeaway? These robots, adept at serving food, are not replacements; they're user-friendly assistants. Numerous positions across all levels remain open. 

An Assistant & Partner

As guests relish the diverse food and drinks, the cobot tirelessly covers miles, its three trays laden with dishes, bowls, and cutlery. From March 1st to April 21st alone, the three robots collectively covered over 95.17 kilometers, equivalent to more than two marathons! This exemplifies how the robot for restaurants has alleviated the workload for the staff - both literally and figuratively. Beyond the physical relief, Plato has granted the servers more time to focus on the essence of their profession: customer service. "Interactions with guests are now more frequent and in-depth. We're better positioned to cater to specific requests," notes the satisfied manager. 

In just a few months, the three cobots are viewed as full-fledged team members. Recognizing the vital assistance they provide, everyone ensures not to obstruct or slow them down, treating them "like a colleague." And if occasionally they steal the show, captivating guests eager to film and photograph them, no one minds. To both staff and guests, young and old, Plato brings smiles. A delightful way to kickstart the day. 

PlatoHospitalityHospitality Tech

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