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Join the NAO Challenge 2024 - Unleash Your Robotics Potential!

18 mar 2024
Florence, Italy

About the Event:

The NAO Challenge 2024, organized by Scuola di Robotica in collaboration with United Robotics Group and CampuStore, invites secondary school students to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of humanoid robotics. 

Overview: The NAO Challenge is a prestigious educational contest aimed at testing, motivating, and nurturing design and critical thinking skills among secondary school students. With a focus on the theme of retail for the 2023-24 edition, participants will explore innovative ways to enhance and diversify activities within the trade and sale of goods and services to the public. 

The Role of NAO Robot in Education:

The NAO robot serves as a versatile and engaging educational tool in the field of robotics. Its humanoid form and interactive capabilities provide students with a hands-on learning experience that fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and interdisciplinary knowledge. By programming and interacting with the NAO robot, students develop technical proficiency, communication skills, and a deeper understanding of robotics principles. Moreover, the NAO robot's applications extend beyond the classroom, offering students valuable insights into real-world scenarios and career opportunities in robotics and technology. 

What Students Experience: 

  • Online Training: Gain valuable insights and skills through 25 hours of online training for students and 4 hours of Ministry of Education-certified training for teachers. Delve into the use and programming of the NAO robot and explore retail-related topics with industry experts. 
  • Exciting Challenges: Participate in online selection events where expert juries choose the top teams to advance to the National Final. Showcase their  scientific and technical projects, descriptive videos, and dedicated websites to compete for prestigious prizes. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded students from around the world who share their passion for robotics. Engage in discussions, share ideas, and forge lasting connections during this experience. 


  1. First Prize: The first-place winner will receive a sponsored trip to Eindhoven, Netherlands, in July 2024 for the RoboCup, the largest robotics and artificial intelligence competition in the world. During the trip, they will have the opportunity to meet students from around the world, witness various robotic challenges, and experience NAO and Pepper firsthand at the United Robotics Group booth.
  2. Second Prize: The second-place winner will be granted free access to the NAO AI package for two years. This package includes a web service, tools to integrate LLM on NAO, a Python programming interface adapted to classroom use cases (Jupyter), libraries, code examples, and access to the community working on NAO through Discord. This prize allows for the creation of a wide range of dialogues with NAO, serving as an exploration ground for learning how to create conversational agents and interactive robots.
  3. Third Prize: The third-place winner will receive free access to the NAO AI package for one year, which includes the same components as the second prize. This prize also allows for the creation of dialogues with NAO, providing an opportunity for exploration and learning in the field of conversational agents and interactive robots. 

Join the NAO Challenge and ignite your passion for robotics!  

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