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United Robotics Group is pioneering tomorrow’s classrooms, today. Enhance your classroom with an adaptable and intuitive robotic companion—one that enables each student to embrace their ambitions.

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It's time to face the Education challenges


Pepper’s and NAO’s that are deployed globally in education


of tasks can be automated to prevent teacher burnout


students have been impacted by inequality in education, worldwide

Beyond Traditional Learning:
Robotics that Personalise and Empower.

Build an interactive and engaging environment

Improve the delivery of learning with a robot assistant that adapts to students’ needs with smooth agility.

Develop invaluable problem-solving skills

Robots open the door to new ways of learning, helping them master problem-solving in different environments.

Empower every student with inclusive learning

Offer individualised support to students with disabilities, for improved educational outcomes.

Every grade, every stage

Our robots are capable of adapting for all educational needs.

Primary and Secondary Education

Pepper and NAO are the perfect assistants for educators. Their pleasant appearance and intuitive interfaces makes for an easily adaptable and enjoyable learning environment. Their companionship in the classroom allows for customizable activities, motivating students and enhancing comprehension, all while saving teachers valuable time..

Primary & Secondary

Higher Education

Our robots provide an innovative platform for in-depth study of human-robot interaction, cognitive computing, and autonomous navigation, among other fields. Researchers can push the boundaries of their students’ and their own knowledge and skills, with user-friendly robot assistance.

Higher Education

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Pepper and NAO are the ideal emotive assistants to help drive intellectual and physical activities in the classroom. They are able to implement Individualised Educational Programs (IEPs) for students with physical disabilities, individuals on the autism spectrum disorder, and those with emotional and behavioural disorders.

Specialized education

Bridging the Gap With Robotics in Modern Research.

Our robots are at the heart of major advances. They serve not only as a platform for development in robotics and artificial intelligence, but also as a valuable tool for design-oriented research, and drive innovation in diverse fields.


Our special solutions

Discover and explore the endless possibilities of human-robot collaboration.

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