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CobiotX: Robots
for Humans.

About the Company

Designed to work
from people.

The 1st generation: Robots

Designed to work
side by side with

2nd generation: Cobots

Designed to work
hand in hand for

3rd generation: CobiotX

CobiotX: the 3rd generation of robotics

Creating a better world for humans is the driving force behind the CobiotX mission. Through human-robot collaboration, we strive to create safer workplaces, enhance efficiency and deliver tangible results such as increased productivity, reduced errors, and a more human world.


Working with you, for you.


Made to work with humans


Cobiots are designed to work hand-in-hand for you. They automate the repititve and redundant tasks and allow us to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.


Controlled by humans


Humans maintain control over the cobiot's actions and prioritization of tasks. Though the cobiot autonomously navigates, it only does what we program them to do.


Of people and of nature


Responsibility and sustainability


Robots helping humans has always been our purpose and philosophy. We source our materials sustainably and recycle unused parts whenever possible.


At the core of our philosophy


We take safety and security seriously. We don’t contract with defense, and we ensure that our practices comply with GDPR regulations globally.

Automation & Efficiency

The challenges we overcome


Maximizing throughput


Our robots offer a wide range of solutions across various industries, ensuring a seamless workflow with precision and accuracy, espeicially for tasks humans are not needed to perform.


No room for error


Automating these tasks means there’s less potential for human error and more potential for efficiency & human innovation.

Connect and adapt

Highly responsive robots.


Flexible + scalable


Whether you’re working in a restaurant or a laboratory, our robots fit in a number of roles, and can be controlled and reprogrammed to perform different tasks ensuring flexibility so you can scale as needed.


Adapting to its surroundings


With state of the art cameras, sensors, and navigation, our robots are highly responsive and versatile, ensuring safe navigation and workflows in dynamic environments.

Unlimited possibilities

Natural interactions with humans


Engaging, entertaining & enhancing


While prioritized for certain contexts, CobiotX serves humans in almost every industry, providing engaging and entertaining experiences, and enhances the environment for both staff and guests.


The new way to experience work


CobiotX is not just about helping get the job done, but helping you or your staff complete higher-value tasks and push the boundaries of your skills.

We envision a future where robots work alongside people, as helpers. United Robotics Group develops this latest generation of robotics, CobiotX, to provide assistance and enhance our quality of life through automation.

CEO of United Robotics Group, Americas Inc.
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CobiotX represents a new generation of service robots that are dynamic, human-controlled, versatile, socially responsible, and respectful of data privacy and human safety, bringing transformative changes to human-machine interaction.

Plato, the serving Cobiot.

Plato adapts to a range of environments including restaurants, healthcare facilities, and event spaces.


It's user-friendly and equipped with built-in software. From hotels to offices to nursing homes, Plato is ready for varied use on day one.


Discover Plato's applications:


uMobileLab, the flexible CobiotX Solution for lab automation.

uMobileLab excels in diverse laboratory environments, delivering precise and accurate tasks while prioritizing data privacy and human safety. 


This smart, integrated system exemplifies the future of CobiotX technology in scientific settings.


Discover uMobileLab's applications in


Our sector-specific





Inspection & Maintenance

Industry & Intralogistics