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Streamline your intralogistic operations with robotics

Automate the demanding and repetitive transport tasks to prioritize maximize productivity & workplace safety. It's simple, safe, and efficient.

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Challenges & opportunities


intralogistics operations costs improved by Logistics 4.0.1


average staff turnover rate in warehousing. 2


warehousing has the 2nd highest rate of workplace injuries. 3


of work-related injuries could be reduced through automation.4

Minimize workplace accidents

Boost efficiency

Robots work around the clock for you ensuring process efficiency and increased productivity with existing workforce.

Minimize workplace accidents

Robots handle the heavy lifting,relieving your team of physical, demanding labor and reducing risk for injuries.

Reliable operational safety

Thanks to state-of-the-art safety sensors, our robots operate with high precision resulting in less operational errors.

Smart process optimization

Optimize your internal logistics through continous real-time process analysis.

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Supercharge your team automation

Solutions designed for you

User-friendly for smooth integration

Our no-code programming ensures a quick, simple set up, so you and your staff can achieve ROI on day one.

Tested & Trusted

Flexible and always safe: Tailored to your goods and the surrounding conditions, our palletizer offers full collaborative functionality or can operate at higher speeds as a hybrid, incorporating enhanced safety features such as laser scanners and cameras.

Compatiable & Scalable

The Cobot maintains a small footprint and is compatiable with all workspace sizes. With unlimited capabilities and add-ons, you can scale fast and far.

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