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Discover the potential of robotic solutions to enable predictive maintenance, building information modelling and advanced security operations.

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Challenges and opportunities

up to


productivity decrease due to poor maintenance strategies. 1


of companies experienced at least one unplanned downtime outage over the past three years. 2

Enhance work place safety

Robots operate autonomously in challenging and rough environments to keep your team from exposure.

Enable predictive maintenance

Various sensors and cameras collect and transmit images, videos, temperature readings, and any other type of data in real-time to proactively prevent failures.

Increase operational efficiency & traceability

Reduction of downtime as robots can perform continuous inspections 24/7 providing integral data for documentation.

Safely automate your inspection operations

We offer you the best possible solutions based on your needs.

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Private Security Companies

The distribution center of the company holds a high volume of sensitive stock and requires 24/7 surveillance to ensure protection against theft, environmental anomalies or any other potential risks.

Electrical substation

Inspection work in an electrical substation, in addition to incurring high economic costs, entails considerable risks for the operators. Robotic solutions solve these problems and adds further value, such as shorter inspection cycles, and continuous operations around the clock.


Highly modular
& versatile solutions

As integrators, we offer our expertise in deploying robotic solutions to meet the specific needs of various sectors.

Seamless integration

Use case evaluation

We evaluate your use case with our industry experts to make sure we can provide the best solution for your requirements and to make sure that integration with your existing processes is smooth.

Solution design

With your objectives top of mind, we design an optimal robotics solution with an appropriate platform and then determine the necessary peripherals (sensors, cameras, etc.)

On-site implementation & training

We will guide you through the implementation process and provide thorough training for your on-site teams to gain autonomy in operating the robot.

Transform your inspection routines

We offer you the best possible solutions based on your needs.

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CobiotX solutions - ready to join your team

Watcher & Watcher RC

  • Security features: person and fire detection, alarms triggering and blur faces streaming.
  • Accurate 3D point maps & panoramas for BIM.
  • Continuous & reliable operations around the clock.

SPOT (Boston Dynamics)

  • Great agility in challenging environments. Capable to take stairs.
  • Environmental monitoring: collect temperature, humidity, air quality, or radiation levels data.
  • Anomalies detection: leaks, loose components, abnormal vibration, and more.

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