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United Robotics Group at Didacta: Exploring Educational Robotics

United Robotics Group is pleased to participate in the upcoming didacta trade fair, Europe's prominent educational event

14 feb 2024
Köln, Germany

We look forward to sharing our experiences and learning from others in the field. Here are the details of our involvement and the educational robotics solutions we'll be showcasing. 

Event Overview: 

Location: Koelnmesse GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany 
URG Booth: Hall 06.1 - Booth F-091  

Our Educational Robotics Solutions 

At United Robotics Group, our goal is to support educational initiatives through our range of robotics products. This year, we're excited to present Pepper, NAO, and our collaborative project, RobotsindeKlas, at didacta. Here's a closer look at each:  

Pepper & NAO 

  • Pepper GPT Integration: Pepper now features integration with ChatGPT, enhancing its interactivity. This integration allows Pepper to engage in more dynamic conversations, enriched with expressions and gestures for a more immersive learning experience. 
  • NAO's Educational and Therapeutic Applications: 
  • "My Friend NAO": Aimed at supporting children with special needs, this program utilizes NAO to engage in a variety of activities designed to develop communication, emotional recognition, and various other skills. 
  • Inrobics Partnership: NAO's collaboration with InRobics introduces an engaging approach to physical therapy, leveraging gamified content to improve patient motivation and therapy outcomes. 

RobotsindeKlas Solution 

In partnership with Interactive Robotics, we're introducing RobotsindeKlas, a solution designed to enhance digital literacy and programming skills in educational settings. This platform allows for the development of a wide range of skills without requiring extensive technical knowledge from educators. 

Jupyter AI Package NAO 

This package offers educators a way to incorporate real-time data manipulation and control over robot movements into their curriculum, making lessons in coding, data science, and machine learning more interactive. 

NAO Maze 

Featuring advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities, NAO Maze is an excellent tool for teaching students about robotics, programming, and path planning in an engaging way. 

Why Didacta? 

Didacta offers a unique opportunity for educators, institutions, and technology providers to come together and share insights into the future of education. At United Robotics Group, we're eager to contribute to these discussions by demonstrating how our robotic solutions can support educational efforts. We believe in the potential of robotics to enhance learning experiences and are excited to explore these possibilities with attendees. 

Looking Forward :

We invite educators, professionals, and all those interested in the future of educational technology to visit our booth at didacta. It's an opportunity to learn more about our robots, their applications in education and therapy, and to discuss how we can support your educational goals. We look forward to meeting you at didacta and exploring the potential of educational robotics together. 

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