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Made for Humans, and open to the world.

An interactive companion and open programmable platform, with engaging interactions, innovative capabilities, and limitless possibilities.

Human-Robot Interaction

Life-like Appearance and Movements

The technology behind


to infinite

Open to infinite possibilities.

Open programmable platform

Create applications, animations, behaviors, dialogues, and more. It’s simple and intuitive to make NAO come to life.

The technology behind

User-friendly programming

Intuitive programming interfaces enabling seamless integration and customization of NAO behaviors.

The technology behind

Tested, Trusted and True

Currently in his 6th generation (NAO6), there are more than 15,000 robots in use, in over 70 countries.

The advantage of NAO is that it resembles human being and therefore stimulates in us emotions, things, that perhaps other types of robots are not able to do.

Pietro Alberti
Roboticist, Technical Director @CampuStore

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The versatile companion that lights up your activity.

NAO for Primary Education

With its cute design, NAO is a great assistant in primary education to capture attention and learn while having fun.



Primary & Secondary Education


NAO for Secondary Education

NAO supports initiation to STEAM subjects for secondary education levels.



Primary & Secondary Education

NAO for Higher Education

In Higher Education NAO supports project-based-learning approach: programming, design of a robot, mechanics, automation...



Higher Education

Higher Education

NAO for Inclusive Education

NAO assists educators in using applications for students with disabilities, autism, and behavioral disorders in Special Education.



Inclusive Education

Specialized education

NAO for Research

HRI, perception, cognition, navigation and localization are some of the research fields explored with NAO.

A valuable support in Healthcare

  • Provides companionship.
  • Engages in social conversation, plays games, and brings happiness to patients.
  • Excellent assistant for encouraging and coaching patients in their rehabilitation and exercises.




Try our versatile & engaging robot.

Discover the transformative power of NAO, our super companion robot and create an engaging learning and social experience.

*Mandatory fields