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Plato supports your workers.

With Plato, labour-intensive, repetitive, heavy-lifting, and transporting tasks are automated - promoting better health and well-being for restaurant, hotel and store staff.

to changing

Dynamically adapts to changing human environment

Seamless movement, even in tight spaces

Highly accurate mobility, with advanced localisation and environmental perception.

Smooth navigation

Intelligent obstacle avoidance, real-time responsiveness, and clear directional indications.

The technology behind

Designed for and controlled by staff

Designed and controlled by staff.

Easily understandable & predictable

Natural and friendly user interface – intuitive operation, pleasant navigation sounds, sign and feedback, predictable behaviours, easily fits in tight spaces.

Behavior defined by voice or tablet control

Staff are empowered by genuine parallel task execution, thanks to remote control and modification on-the-go.

The technology behind

Agile, versatile, and flexible.



Easy Set up and update

Quick, effortless, and instinctive to get started. Easily programmable without technical expertise.

Focus on the tablet, showing the mapping system

They’ve already
adopted Plato

Whatever your
Plato can help you

Evaluate whether Plato is a good fit for your business and the challenges you face.

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Made in France

Designed responsibly and sustainably in Paris. Built to last.

Sourced in Europe

63% of its components are sourced in Europe.


Efficient support team always available. Robot repair centers close to you in Germany, France and USA.


We value the concept of circular economy. The electronics & raw materials used for our robots are reused & recycled with a growing focus on lowering our energy consumption.

Safety and Security

GDPR and Data Privacy: your floor planning, maps, and GPS scanned by Plato belong to you and are protected by GDPR and data privacy.


All Plato benefits with a test !

Looking for an innovative solution to face you business challenges ? Wondering if Plato is the solution ? Talk to our experts and test Plato for some weeks.



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  • Can be extended a max. of 2 times a week

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