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Access our latest innovations before they hit the market

Access our latest innovations before they hit the market

Several of our clients had to close their doors due to staffing issues, so we had to start thinking outside of the box. Plato helps address these issues while empowering our clients’ existing staff and enhancing productivity.

CEO of Hispanico Group, added value reseller

Scale fast, scale far

With our partner program, our partners are more than collaborators-they're an integral part of our team.

Referral Partner

Explore our referral partner program for an opportunity to earn and grow. Simply tap into your network to generate sales, and earn a commission for each successful conversion. 

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Distribution Partner

We offer two tiers:


Value Added Reseller:

As a value added reseller, you'll handle the sales process and when it comes time to make it official, we'll handle the paperwork and you'll earn commission.


Distribution Partner:

Enjoy the freedom to align with your values while taking charge of stocking, sales, service, and support. Our commitment to guaranteed margins ensures a mutually rewarding partnership. Elevate your business with us!

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Become a partner today

From referral to distribution partners, our partner program offers options for everyone to earn and scale at their own pace.

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Our trusted partners

Whether you are an industry professional, tech enthusiast or have an entrepreneurial spirit, our partner program provides options that meet you where you're at and allow you to earn.

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Become a partner today

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, industry professional, or have an entrepreneurial spirit, our partner program has options for everyone to earn. Contact us today to learn more about our products, program, and commission.

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