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Intuitive engagement

Pepper: Emotionally attuned, adaptable, and conversational. Bringing services to life through a tangible, physical-digital fusion.

Compassionate by design

Compassionate by design

Welcoming and Engaging

The design and inviting character of Pepper naturally draws people in, fostering trust and encouraging engagement.

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Understanding Emotions

Pepper nurtures empathetic connections through its ability to understand and respond to human emotions, resulting in meaningful interactions.

Learn about the technology behind Pepper

Contextual and Real-Time Interaction

Pepper anticipates needs, adjusts in real-time, and creates a connected experience.

Learn about the technology behind Pepper

Open, safe,
secure, and trusted.

Open, safe, secure, and trusted.

Diverse programming

As an open platform, Pepper can be programmed many different ways for a variety of industries.

Learn about the technology behind Pepper

Safety at the core

Pepper ensures a secure and protected environment for user interactions.

Learn about the technology behind Pepper

Decades of experience

Pepper is universally recognized by the developer community world wide. It's more than just a robot, it's a trusted platform designed to foster creativity and propel innovative ideas in the field of robotics.

Pepper is more than a robot. Its simplistic design and cute features make you want to interact more with Pepper and learn about what it can offer to humans. It has the potential of becoming a companion robot that you enjoy interacting with, to make your life more delightful.

Amy Eguchi, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor, Computer Science Education -
Department of Education Studies, UC San Diego

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The client experience, reinvented.

Pepper, an ally in Healthcare

Provide a unique and optimized patient experience: interact, entertain and provide companionship.

Enhance the efficiency of the administrative process, improve quality and consistency of patient experience.

Support caregivers.




Pepper, a powerful tool for Education and developers

Engage, active learning, the learning experience improved with Pepper.

Coding education: programming has never been that interactive.




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