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Bridging the learning divide

Inclusivity isn't just a goal, it's one of our missions with robotics. NAO and Pepper offer effective and inclusive environments for children and students with various learning and behavioral disabilities.

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Harnessing robotics can amplify learning for students on the Autism Spectrum.

In the classroom of tomorrow, everyone has a seat—and a robot ally.

Personalised educational therapies

Every child is different. Our robots are flexible and adapt to every rhythm, avoiding overstimulation and maximising learning.

Better develop children skill-set

Our robots help develop communicative, cognitive, emotional and social skills. They build bridges of interaction between the child and their environment.

More engagement

Robots can help catch the attention of students and encourage active participation in therapy. They serve as motivational tools, and provide positive encouragement to have a better learning experience.

An efficient tool to better capture the attention of students & enhance learning

Learning has no boundaries, and neither should our solutions. NAO meets certain needs of students with learning challenges.

Create multi-behavioral/ therapeutic engaging activities
  • Move with NAO: create motor activities for body awareness and mimicking skills to enhance social interactions.
  • Mimic and repeat with NAO: communication activities to help develop verbal and expressive skills.
  • Listen to NAO: learning activities with instructions to broaden students’ knowledge in a variety of subjects.
  • Remotely participate in activities: NAO can be used as a physical avatar for children who are unable to physically attend classes.
  • A real in-class experience: Using NAO's capabilities, children being remote can interact with their peers and teachers in real-time, seeing and hearing through its sensors while communicating with others via audio and video.
Supported by the science
  • Studies show that children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a great affinity for mechanical components, computers, and robots. As some learners struggle to interact and communicate with people, robots enable the child to hold their gaze and lead to an improvement in attention.
  • Neutral face and voices that facilitate more interaction with the robot.
  • Captivating and encouraging, the robot can repeat instructions with patience, and without judgement. It helps to create confidence for the child to be able to continue their efforts where human interaction would normally be an obstacle.

Integrate your robot into therapeutic practice

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Children and specialised professionals have already adopted it

Naotism project: how humanoid robots encourage the emergence of behaviours necessary for communication.

NAO has been used in a special kindergarten class in Quetigny, France to help children with ASD to learn better communication skills. The objective is to verify what beneficial impacts the presence of humanoid robots like NAO have in specialised education classrooms.

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My Friend NAO Solution

Easily launch applications and activities on the tablet. Control the volume, movements and speech.

Blocky and Scratch interfaces

Our certified partners develop visual programming interfaces to program NAO and Pepper with ease.

Choregraphe software

Pepper and Nao can be used with apps or with a drag and drop software (Choregraphe), making it easy to create animations, behaviours, dialogues, and games.

Intuitive software, applications & devices.

Inclusion through innovation starts with you

Contact us to evaluate your needs and discuss your project.

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NAO, a robotic support for those with special or physical needs to help reach new levels of greatness.

  • NAO for Autism: NAO does more than just teach, it establishes a connection. It helps people with autism to better interact with their environment, express their emotions, and develop essential social and communication skills.
  • NAO for Physical Therapy: NAO offers specialised therapy routines, adapting in real-time using AI. It moves, evaluates, and records, focusing on both physical recovery and cognitive growth.

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Our robots can be used across the spectrum, from primary education to higher learning. Contact us to learn more, ask questions, or try a demo.

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