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Transforming the classroom to serve students’ needs.

With Pepper and NAO, students are offered enhanced and novel learning experiences, while teachers gain time to focus on holistic student interaction.

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Reimagine the way you teach with the proactive robotic companion.

Build curiosity and engagement

NAO and Pepper’s attractive, friendly appearance shines through, creating a fun atmosphere for learning. Captivate your students’ attention through stimulating physical and intellectual activities.

Develop cross-disciplinary skills

By working with robots, students gain a holistic understanding of different disciplines and  skill-sets, to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Create customised activities

By automating tasks with robotics, teachers have more time for connecting with their students, with the added flexibility to tailor educational activities.

Grow confidence in soft skills

Robots create opportunities for collaboration, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication, allowing students to develop new skills with confidence.

Be a classroom pioneer

Get started today. Speak with a specialist who will find the ideal robotic assistant for your niche.

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Optimise the learning experience at every level

Helpful assistant to teachers
  • Create a dynamic learning environment, according to specific student needs.
  • Immerse students in future-focused learning approaches such as STEAM.
  • Meet pedagogical objectives like reading, writing, and language acquisition.
Tool for students to improve the learning experience
  • Engage and interact. The robot’s ability to move, gesture, and respond to human interactions encourages active participation and excitement.
  • Learn by doing. NAO offers immediate feedback in response to human interaction, so students can promptly assimilate and self-correct.
  • Collaborate, analyse, improve. Students build fundamental critical thinking skills to program, coordinate, and interact with the robot.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Help acquire essential social and emotional skills. self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, necessary for understanding and managing emotions.
  • A positive & supportive classroom environment. Robots provide opportunities for students to practice and apply these skills in real-life situations.


An easy-to-use drag and drop software making it easy to create animations, behaviors, dialogues and games.

Ask NAO Blocky

A visual block-based programming interface, enabling users to easily create behaviors and commands for the robot, making it accessible to beginners and facilitating educational and interactive applications.


Create programs by arranging graphical blocks representing code logic. It provides a user-friendly interface to introduce coding concepts and enable hands-on learning experiences with robotics and other technologies.

Ignite passion in every lesson

With a simple programming tool, students elevate their learning experience in multidisciplinary projects.

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Ready to see the innovation in action? Try a classroom robot to see how it can transform learning in your institution.

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They have already adopted it

Nao@school project

Nogent sur Oise (France)


The experiment took place in a French school during the 2018-2019 school year. The school has chosen to focus on writing, the main challenge being to motivate students in subjects that are not very popular.

4th grade

2 Classes

9 Months

2 Teachers

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Your curriculum’s best ally—revolutionised learning through robotics

Our robots for programming: Crafting coders

NAO and Pepper prepare students for future careers in technology and paves the way for tech leaders of tomorrow with hands-on experience in C++, JAVA, and Python.

Our robots for language learning: Speak freely

NAO and Pepper give lessons in a fun and engaging environment, adapting its methods to each student’s unique pace and learning style.

Be a classroom pioneer

Get started today. Speak with a specialist who will find the ideal robotic assistant for your niche.

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Our robots for education

NAO, a standard in education, especially for primary school

  • NAO can listen and understand in all kinds of situations, and can speak clearly and coherently in more than 20 languages.
  • NAO can recognize shapes, objects and even people, enhancing interactivity.
  • NAO’s friendly appearance makes him very engaging to pupils of all ages and teachers.

Pepper, the social robot made 
for secondary school

  • Pepper is able to recognize faces and basic human emotions.
  • The robot engages with people through conversation and his tablet. Speaks in 20 different languages. 
  • Easy to use with intuitive softwares requiring no coding skills, Pepper is also a fully programmable platform, perfect for STEM studies.

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