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Updated on 8 dec 20235 min read

CobiotX: Advancing Technology for Humanity in the Food and Drinks Sector

Discover Plato, the next-gen serving robot in the food and drinks sector, enhancing human-robot
collaboration. United Robotics Group's innovation addresses labor shortages, streamlining
restaurant operations. Experience the future of hospitality with CobiotX

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Audrey BOST
Senior Marketing Manager, Hospitality and Retail

CobiotX: Advancing Technology for Humanity in the Food and Drinks Sector

The Distinctiveness of Plato:

In today's food and drinks industry, vocabulary and technology, powered by artificial intelligence, go hand in hand. Plato is not just any robot; it's a distinction in its own right and a pinnacle in the realm of robot for restaurants. With its captivating eyes, Plato stands out as a Cobiot, a next-generation serving robot.
Tailored specifically for restaurants, its standout attribute is its ability to collaborate seamlessly with humans. Its aim? Not to replace but to assist and uplift restaurant staff, effectively addressing the persistent labor shortages.

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The Essence of Cobiot

"A Cobiot is a robot that partners with humans, staying inactive without human directives", elaborates Clarisse Le Guyader, Head of Marketing for public life robots across the Hospitality & Retail, Healthcare, and Education sectors.
United Robotics Group and Global Growth
The French company behind Plato is among the elite nine robotic firms unified under the
United Robotics Group. This European leader oversees more than 40,000 industrial and social robots. Both these distinct markets, are known for their rapid growth globally.

A Fresh Era in Robotics: CobiotX

Following the success of Nao6, a humanoid robot embraced in education, Pepper, the world's inaugural emotional robot appreciated in health and wellness sectors, and Sawyer, an intelligent collaborative robot, Plato ushers in a fresh era in robotics termed CobiotX. Its intelligence is genuinely human-driven. And its prime role? Elevating the restaurant industry by freeing waiters from the often exhausting tasks like serving food to tables and handling dirty dishes.

The Growth of Robots

The term Cobiot relates to the original meaning of 'robot', derived from the Czech word 'robota', signifying "arduous labor". Introduced in 1921 by playwright Karel Capek, it was used to depict emotionless, efficient machines. A hundred years later, people see the waiter robot not as a threat, but as a valued helper, a tool we control to make our daily lives better.

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