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Updated on 1 jul 202410 min read

Robot Servers in the Hospitality Sector

Explore the impact of robot servers like Plato in the foodservice industry.

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Grant Phillips
CEO United Robotics Group Americas

Robot Servers in the hotel and catering industries are changing fast. The integration of technology represents both a challenge and an opportunity for many establishments. So, how can innovations, particularly restaurant robots, transform the customer experience and lighten the load on staff? Where do food serving robots such as Plato fit into this changing landscape, and what concrete benefits do they bring? In this article, we look at the role and impact of service robotics in the hospitality industry, and highlight the solutions being offered to current problems in the sector using third- generation robots: CobiotX.

Highlights of the article:

  1. What is a robot server?
  2. Who is Plato, the robot server made in France?
  3. Applications and use cases for Plato
  4. What are its functions and what are they used for?
  5. Impact and benefits of Plato
  6. Pricing of the robot server Plato

What is a robot server?

A robot server is a robot designed to assist with serving food and drinks, clearing tables, and other repetitive tasks to assist the restaurant staff. A robot server is a major innovation in the restaurant and hotel sector. Featuring an intuitive user interface, this robot requires no technical skills to set up and operate, making it quick and easy to put into service.
A robot waiter in the hotel and catering industry excels at assisting staff. It accompanies the staff in place to:
• Serve meals and drinks
• Clear tables,
• Set up tables,
• Serve items on trays at cocktail parties.

Background to the growing use of food serving robots in the hospitality sector

 The hospitality sector, which has historically faced challenges such as a shortage of skilled labor, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among employees and a customer base looking for innovative experiences, is finding a promising solution in service robotics. Current challenges include the increasing difficulty in recruiting staff to meet the high demands of the sector, exacerbated by the Covid-19 health crisis, which has led to 83% of restaurant owners to review their recruitment strategy. Robotics, particularly robot servers such as Plato, are emerging as a solution to market challenges, offering greater operational efficiency while improving the customer experience. The rise of robotics in hospitality is not just about improving services and managing operational challenges; it also represents a significant transformation of the professional landscape. The integration of robot waiters in the hotel and restaurant sector is a key example of this innovation. Robot butlers are designed to continuously improve service quality and operational efficiency, while also considering safety requirements and the need to personalize the customer experience.

Moving on to the importance of robotic servers in hospitality

The restaurant and hotel industry is facing a new kind of transition: the introduction of service robots to anticipate tomorrow's challenges. Aldebaran, a subsidiary of URG, is innovating with Plato, the first service CobiotX in France. In 2023, despite the challenges, Plato will take the strain off teams, reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and workloads. The industry, marked by labor shortages and demanding conditions, sees robotics as a complementary solution. With collaborative robots expected to grow by 48% by 2022, the integration of Plato means less fatigue for employees and a better customer experience, underlining the growing importance of robotics in these sectors.

Who is Plato, the robot server made in France?

Plato, a food serving robot designed in Paris and manufactured in France, provides a novel solution to these challenges. It is made from 63% European materials and features advanced technology. As explained on the URG website, it assists staff by taking on tasks ranging from serving meals and drinks to clearing tables. Plato’s ability to receive orders by voice command or tablet and to navigate autonomously in confined spaces allows Plato to blend harmoniously into a restaurant environment. It has been designed to ensure intuitive collaboration with teams. Plato's quick installation and configuration, without the need for programming skills, ensures efficient set-up and seamless integration into day-to-day restaurant operations. Its safety-conscious design, certified to the highest industry standards, ensures a safe working environment for staff and customers alike.

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Applications and use cases for Plato

Plato, the food serving robot, revolutionizes the dining experience

Plato, the serving robot, is transforming the dining experience and improving efficiency at Mecatos Bakery & Cafe and Blai Restaurant.

At Mecatos Bakery & Cafein Orlando, Plato addresses labor shortages and improves customer service by ensuring fast delivery of orders. This increases the speed and quality of service, creating a unique and engaging dining experience. Edwin Lurduy, founder, notes, "If it took us three minutes to get the order to the table because the staff was busy doing something else, Plato can get it to the table," highlighting how Plato reduces workload and ensures timely service.

Blai Restaurant in Woodland Hills, California, is also benefiting from the integration of Plato. The robot server Plato improves operational efficiency and enriches customer interactions, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews. Danerick Rainey says, "Plato keeps you on top of your game. Plato reduces operational costs by minimizing human error and allows staff to focus on hospitality, resulting in higher average order values and increased customer returns. Plato's success at both locations demonstrates its potential to reinvent the hospitality industry, making the dining experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Plato, assisting in the hotel industry Plato's impact is also keenly felt at Le Méridien Étoile (Paris). At Le Méridien Étoile in Paris, Plato has been integrated into the hospitality team to address the issue of transporting heavy loads. Marko Radin, the hotel's Food & Beverage Director, states, "One of the challenges currently faced at Le Méridien and in all establishments is the transportation of loads." The use of Plato to clear tables after breakfast allows waiters to spend more time with customers, significantly improving service and the customer experience. The cobiot is regarded as an invaluable aid in clearing tables, further reinforcing its successful and appreciated integration into the team. Radin adds, "The more interactions with customers, the better we respond to their needs and can offer our services.”

What are its functions and what are they used for?

  • Load carrying: Plato can carry up to 30kg, reducing the physical strain on staff. 
  • Maneuverable navigation: Able to navigate corridors as narrow as 65cm, ideal for confined spaces. 
  • Interactive touch screen: Enables quick set-up and provides a fun experience for customers. 
  • Obstacle detection: Equipped with lidar sensors for safe and efficient navigation through the customer area. 
  • Extended battery life: Battery designed for 12-15 hours of use, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Safety compliance: First service robot to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC, ensuring safe co-existence with staff and customers.
  • Data protection: RGPD compliant for the security of customer and facility data. 
  • Voice control: Remote control via Bluetooth for more flexible task management.
  • Performance Analysis: Provides daily analysis of key performance indicators to optimize usage.

 Impact and benefits of Plato

  • Reduced physical effort: Waiters at the Oceania Hotel report a noticeable "physical relief" thanks to Plato's assistance.
  • Fewer steps: At Le Méridien Étoile, the robots covered more than 95.17 kilometers in less than two months, the equivalent of more than two marathons, to clear the breakfast buffet.
  • Increased efficiency: Plato has enabled waiters at the Oceania Hotel to halve the number of steps required for certain services.
  • Improved customer engagement: Guests at the Oceania Hotel enjoy interacting with Plato, enhancing their positive experience.
  • Load capacity: Capable of carrying up to 30kg, Plato significantly reduces staff physical strain.
  • Increased in-room presence: With Plato, Le Méridien Étoile staff can now spend more time interacting directly with customers, improving service quality.
  • Innovative appeal: The introduction of Plato adds an innovative and memorable dimension to the customer experience in properties that use it.

The pricing of the robot server Plato

Discover the cost-effective solution to your server needs with Plato robot! We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your budget, whether you prefer purchasing or leasing. Plato offers a low-cost solution with a starting price of just $599 per month (equivalent to just $20 per day) with a 36-month commitment. This ensures a guaranteed return on investment from day one. Furthermore, you can enjoy peace of mind with Plato's comprehensive warranty, which covers the entire lease duration and includes updates, new features, and top-notch service. With our comprehensive support service, if needed, immediate replacement is included, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business. 

Distributor references :

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