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Explore the game-changing possibilites of automation in the retail sector.

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Challenges faced in retail today


of growth is projected to hit in 2024 for the global Retail industry. 1


of increase are forecasted by Retail sales in Europe in real terms in 2024. 2


of retail shrink is due to process or control failures. 3


of Retail sales might be projected for 2024 (approximative 3.5%). 4

The future of retail

Maximize profitability

Increase operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve by streamlining the mundane parts of your workflow with robotics.

Enhance team morale

Our robots handle the heavy llifting, lowering the chances of work-related injuries or staff burning out from repetitive, low-value laborious tasks.

Create an experience worth sharing

Offer your customers a novel shopping experience with an interactive robot that can guide and personalize their store visit.

Provide up-to-date information

Being connected, the robots continuously provide the latest information such as product availability, special offers or the location of products in the store.

Bring valuable support to customers and staff

Robots provide valuable support in various retail environments.

Welcomes & guides customers

Pepper can help your customers in finding exactly what they need and leading them to the right spot through easy gestures and simple phrases, available in up to 20 different languages.

Helps with click and collect

Pepper sends a notification to customers to remind them to come and pick up their order once it's ready, helping to reduce forgetfulness and storage time. On site, your customers can go to Pepper and unlock their click and collect order with a QR Code.

Provides customer service

Pepper can assist customers with simple questions or concerns. If it's something Pepper can't handle, Pepper will gladly connect customers with a staff member who can provide the support needed.

Collects customer feedback

Pepper's tablet and customizable interactions make it fun and easy for shoppers to give feedback, enabling you to influence changes in your products/services.

A real asset in all types of stores.

Lightens workload

Our robots bring items from the warehouse to the shop floor, freeing staff to be with customers, eliminating the need for staff to run around, and giving guests a unique experience of having thier items delivered by a robot.

Unique product placement

Our robots help you showcase what's new or on sale and create a novel shopping experience that puts your store front of mind.

Transform the shopping experience

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Our solutions can be adapted to:

Large corporate organizations

Covering large surface areas and multiple sites

Different store environments

Including single level establishments or multi-level establishments with elevators

High volumes of staff

High staff turnover rates

Our robots assist in handling temporary staff shortages empowering you to accomplish more, with less.

Seamless integration with your team & workflow

Made for humans
  • No extensive training needed
  • Ready to use in less than an hour Fast and simple set up
Easy to maintain & update
  • No code needed, making it easy to program
  • Easy connection and configuration
  • Hardware and software upgrades
Support is readily available
  • A dedicated team of customer care managers available for help and information
  • Tailor-made support for robot onboarding and a face-to-face training

Improve your retail experience: team up with our robots

Plato, the robot for transporting your products in-store without a hitch

  • Easily carries items around the store, led by staff through voice or tablet control
  • Seamless movement in tight spaces: obstacle avoidance and real-time responsiveness
  • An embedded screen and speakers helps bring Plato to life with friendly expressions

Pepper, the robot for helping people to efficiently navigate your store

  • Greets customers as they enter, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere
  • Assists customers by providing directions and product information
  • Offers personalised interactions to innovate and improve the customer’s shopping experience

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