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Published on 13 dec 20235 min read

Interview with Jean-Luc Frusetta on How Plato Enhances the Customer Experience

In this exclusive interview, Jean-Luc Frusetta, Deputy General Manager of Ferrières School, explores the innovative impact of Plato on the future of hospitality.

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Senior Marketing Manager, Hospitality and Retail

Jean-Luc Frusetta, Deputy General Manager of Ferrières School, is always on the lookout for innovations in the hospitality and catering universe, especially when it comes to a robot for restaurants. Leading an institution where tomorrow's professionals in hospitality, gastronomy, and luxury are trained, he recognizes the challenges of labor shortages in the food and drinks sector. Tested in real-life situations and approved, Plato, designed as a service robot, is seen as an essential assistant, particularly given the socio-economic evolution of the sector. 

Why did you undertake this experience with the cobot Plato, especially as a serving robot?

Jean-Luc Frusetta: We encountered Plato at the EquipHotel trade fair. Our students, the future leaders in the food and drinks industry, had varied reactions. At Ferrières, we emphasize the importance of being ahead in technology, especially with robots that deliver food.

What conclusions did you draw from tests conducted with Plato?

Jean-Luc Frusetta: We used Plato to assist with serving food and clearing during an event. It proved very efficient in handling dirty dishes after a meal, showcasing its potential as a delivery robot in the hospitality sector.

Is Plato incompatible with the 'French excellence' that you advocate?

Jean-Luc Frusetta: By allowing servers to focus on enhancing customer interactions, Plato, the serving robot, improves the guest experience.

How does Plato enhance this experience? 

Jean-Luc Frusetta: Plato, as a specialized service robot, can efficiently deliver food to a table of nine guests in one go. This not only streamlines the service but also elevates the dining experience.

Do you foresee other applications for it in the food and drinks sector?

Jean-Luc Frusetta: : In luxury settings, Plato could redefine service standards, helping staff avoid extensive manual labor. It could also serve as a delivery robot in a smoking room, ensuring guests don't miss out on any entertainment. 

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