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Join us in Las Vegas for the 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo!

United Robotics Group, Americas Inc. will be returning to the 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo where they will showcase Plato and other innovative Hospitality technology solutions.

22 feb 2024
Las Vegas

Join us in Las Vegas for the highly anticipated 2024 Bar & Restaurant Expo! This expo promises an unparalleled experience for industry professionals, food enthusiasts, and aspiring restaurateurs alike.

Stop by Booth 621 to Experience the Future of Dining

Join us at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 18-20, 2024, and learn about our innovative solutions for Hospitality.

Meet Our Robots:
Plato - Designed for humans, by humans, Plato's user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration, and ROI on day one by automating all the repetitive, dull and labor-intensive tasks creating a better working environment for staff and a memorable experience for guests.

Pepper - Whether serving as a hostess, a concierge, or a facilitator of engagement activities, Pepper embodies the future of service by providing a unique guest experience. Enhance guest experience and drive customer loyalty with Pepper.

Whiz - Designed to work alongside you, or while you rest, Whiz is a commercial robot vacuum robot transforming the way cleaning teams operate. With its trusted AI platform, Whiz delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean with proof of performance.

Humanizing Avatar - Humanizing Technologies Interactive Avatars are a highly scalable and affordable solution. The Humanizing Avatar becomes a digital teammate and can handle tasks such as wayfinding, ordering, checking in/out and product promotion.

We look forward to connecting with you on the show floor!

Unable to make the show, but interested in our products? Drop us a note here

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