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8 may 20245 min read

United Robotics Group, Americas Inc. Announces Kairos Robotics Challenge for University Students

The competition will empower students to explore new frontiers in robotics, automation, and AI in a hands-on environment designed to inspire curiosity and innovation for tomorrow’s robotics experts.

Santa Monica, CA – May 8, 2024 – United Robotics Group, Americas Inc.today announced the Kairos Robotics Challenge, a collaborative mobile manipulator challenge for students attending North American universities.

The Kairos robot excels in industrial tasks like pick and place, metrology, navigation, and part delivery, but its versatility extends far beyond the factory floor. Kairos is an invaluable asset for research and development projects for higher education students. With its precise manipulation capabilities and mobile functionality, Kairos helps students and faculty alike explore new frontiers in robotics, automation, and AI.

The Kairos Robotics Challenge invites North American universities to enroll teams of up to four undergraduate and graduate students, guided by a professor or dean, to complete tasks using the Kairos robot. Beginning in the 2024 fall semester, the challenge will consist of three phases, progressing from simulation to real, physical tasks. The champion team’s university will receive a Kairos robot – a $135,000 value – and the university’s department head will earn a spot on URG’s 2025 advisory committee. 

Agricultural technology is a key theme behind the Kairos Robotics Challenge. In agriculture, robots have proven their potential for improving and automating agricultural work and addressing some of the problems that exist in traditional agricultural practices, such as labor shortages.1 URG is committed to both building robots that help serve and work alongside humans and implementing the use of robots in the field to help address some of the most demanding challenges industries, like agriculture, are facing. 

Teams can pre-register to ensure they are one of the 50 teams that will be accepted in the Kairos Robotics Challenge. Registration officially opens on September 4, 2024. To learn more about the challenge and pre-register, visit: https://unitedrobotics.group/en-us/kairos-robotics-challenge.

"We are excited to announce the launch of the Kairos Robotics Challenge. We want to provide an opportunity for students and educators to collaborate, innovate, and explore new ideas in a hands-on, supportive environment that fosters their learning and growth, and ultimately pushes the boundaries of technology. Our educators and students are the leaders of tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see the work they will accomplish."

Jason Panella

vp of business development, education, URG

URG works with education experts from various universities to design education solutions and programs like the Kairos Robotics Challenge that will help shape the next generation of robotics experts. The Kairos Robotics Challenge is designed so that students collaborate on tasks as teams, mimicking a real-world industrial automation environment, and advancing the implementation of robots in the field. URG aims to share its passion for robotics with students and encourage them in future pursuits to empower humanity with technology.

Advisory committee members who are helping to guide and champion the challenge, include Amy Eguchi, Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science Education at the University of California San Diego; Brandon Lines, Business Development Officer, University of Toronto; Joyce Sidopoulos, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations of MassRobotics. 

"Hands-on experience with robots is an invaluable part of education for students interested in pursuing the field of robotics including automation. Competitions like the Kairos Robotics Challenge help inspire innovation, spark creativity, and fuel curiosity as students stretch their skills. I’m thrilled to be part of URG’s program to give students this forum to explore new technologies and expand their knowledge."

Amy Eguchi

Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science Education at the University of California San Diego

In addition to the Kairos Robotics Challenge, URG’s portfolio of robots for education provide an innovative platform for in-depth study of human-robot interaction, cognitive computing, and autonomous navigation. Researchers can push the boundaries of their students’ and their own knowledge and skills with URG’s user-friendly robots like NAO and Pepper. While these solutions provide contextual, experiential learning through robotics and AI, URG is committed to making a tangible impact in education, beyond being a solutions provider. Through initiatives like the Kairos Robotics Challenge, the company aims to empower the education field, inspire curiosity, and shape the future.


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The dedication to exceptional service and support is evident in the bicoastal presence. With headquarters located in Santa Monica and dedicated customer support and repair centers strategically positioned in Carson, CA, and Boston, MA, URG Inc. is offering expertise across a wide range of sectors, from industrial automation to healthcare solutions, and from logistics optimization to hospitality technology.

URG Inc. stands ready to transform industries, redefine standards, and forge lasting partnerships as it is continuing to pave the way towards a future where the possibilities of robotics are limitless.

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1.         Lytridis C, Bazinas C, Pachidis T, Chatzis V, Kaburlasos VG. Coordinated Navigation of Two Agricultural Robots in a Vineyard: A Simulation Study. Sensors. 2022; 22(23):9095. https://doi.org/10.3390/s22239095

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