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8 nov 20235 min read

United Robotics Group, Americas Inc. (URG) Supports National STEM Challenge And Festival

SANTA MONICA, CA. (November 8th, 2023) - United Robotics Group, Americas Inc. (URG) is excited to announce its support of the 2024 National STEM Festival and National STEM Challenge, both dedicated to fostering creativity, critical thinking and passion for STEM among middle and high school students.

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Presented by EXPLR, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, the 2024 National STEM Festival, set for April 12-13, 2024, in Washington, D.C., will celebrate top-scoring project’s from EXPLR’s National STEM Challenge. 

The National STEM Challenge asks students to develop projects that make a tangible real-world impact and create positive change for people and the planet. Students have the opportunity to submit their entries in six categories: Environmental Stewardship, Future Food, Health and Medicine, Powering the Planet, Space Innovation, and Tech for Good. 

Through this sponsorship, URG takes a central role in the Tech for Good category. This category uses AI, data visualization, robotics, and other technologies to create solutions for real-world problems. Projects could tackle issues such as bridging the digital gap, ensuring fair access, and reducing racial biases in technology. 

URG's participation extends beyond providing financial sponsorship; the company serves as a member of the national selection committee for the Challenge. This involvement helps identify outstanding students who will showcase their inventions and innovations at the Festival in Washington, D.C.

Following the National STEM Festival, URG is set to launch a lead-up event to prepare teams for this summer's Global RoboCup competition in the Netherlands. The event will feature university-level RoboCup teams from North America and Europe, as well as K-12 RoboCup Jr. teams.

"This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to empower humanity with technology, we are excited to support the National STEM Challenge and National STEM Festival, especially the Tech for Good track. As we work to bring our robotics and AI solutions into the classroom as collaborative learning tools, our leadership in the category will keep the topics top of mind for educators, industry and young people central to our work. The National STEM Challenge and National STEM Festival presents an opportunity to assist RoboCup teams with their preparations for the Global RoboCup event, as well as provide a fun and unique opportunity for the middle and high school students attending the Festival."

Jason Panella

Vice President of Business Development, Education

Project submissions will be accepted until November 12, 2023, at nationalstemchallenge.com. Students from all 50 states are encouraged to apply. 

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About United Ribotics Group, Americas Inc. (URG)

United Robotics Group, Americas Inc. (URG) is a leading organization in the field of robotics and technology, dedicated to advancing innovation and fostering talent in STEM. URG is committed to using technology for good and making a positive impact on society by supporting educational initiatives, research, and innovation in the Americas. 


EXPLR's mission is to help kids thrive in school and life by providing real-world, rigorous, and relevant educational resources. EXPLR is a streaming video and curriculum service for grade 5-12 students, teachers, and families that helps bridge critical gaps in K-12 education. 

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