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Prioritizing students' needs

Pepper and NAO offer students a novel learning experience and drive efficiency in the classroom creating time for educators to provide individualized student support.

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Enhance teaching methods via robotics.

Build curiosity & engagement

NAO and Pepper’s friendly appearance captivates your students’ attention, creating an engaging learning environment and keeping them mentally and physically stimulated with this contextual experience.

Develop hard skills

Nurture students' development in areas of mathematics, machine learning, decision making, and logic to prepare them for future workforce and real-world application.

Create customized activities

Automating tasks with robotics allows educators flexibility to tailor educational activities to reach students in different ways.

Nuture soft skills

Robots create opportunities for collaboration, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication, allowing students to develop new skills with confidence.

Create the classroom of the future

Get started today. Speak with a specialist who will find the ideal solution for your classroom's needs.

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Enhance the learning experience with technology at any stage in the journey

Educator's assistant
  • Create a dynamic learning environment, according to specific student needs.
  • Immerse students in future-focused learning approaches such as STEAM.
  • Meet pedagogical objectives like reading, writing, and language acquisition.
A dynamic learning experience for students
  • Engage and interact. The robot’s ability to move, gesture, and respond to human interactions encourages active participation.
  • Learn by doing. NAO offers a contextual experience with immediate feedback in response to human interaction, so students can learn and self-improve.
  • Collaborate, analyze, improve. Students build fundamental critical thinking skills to program, coordinate, and interact with the robot.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Help acquire essential social and emotional skills. self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, necessary for understanding and managing emotions.
  • A positive & supportive classroom environment. Robots provide opportunities for students to practice and apply these skills in real-life situations.

Take the leap into innovation

Ready to make an impact? Drive innovation in your classroom and watch your students transform into the tech leaders of tomorrow.

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An easy-to-use drag and drop software making it easy to create animations, behaviors, dialogues and games.

Infuse technology in every lesson

With a simple programming tool, students elevate their learning experience in multidisciplinary projects.

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Learning Revolutionized

Crafting coders: NAO & Pepper

NAO and Pepper prepare students for future careers in technology and paves the way for tech leaders of tomorrow with hands-on experience in C++, JAVA, and Python.

Language Learning

NAO and Pepper create a unique and engaging environment, adapting its methods to each student's unique pace and learning style.

Create the classroom of the future

Get started today. Speak with a specialist who will find the ideal solution for your classroom's needs.

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Our robots for education

Photon Education K12

Photon, a staple in K-12 Education

  • As an esteemed Education partner of United Robotics Group, Photon Robot is a flexible, scalable and economical teaching tool that helps with interdisciplinary, STEM, STEAM and Social development.
  • United Robotics Group's Photon solutions propel K-12 classrooms into the future through bespoke bundles that develop skills in robotics, coding, AI, physics, social-emotional learning, and special needs.
  • We go beyond conventional offerings with bespoke bundles and professional development services to ensure educators have the comprehensive support needed. 

Bridging the gap with NAO

  • NAO interacts in more than 20 languages within various dynamic environments.
  • NAO recognizes shapes, objects and people, naturally drawing people in and encouraging engagement.
  • NAO’s friendly appearance appeals to people of all ages from young kids to seniors, making NAO the perfect robot componaion.

Pepper, the social robot

  • Pepper is able to foster connection through facial and emotional recoginition.
  • Pepper can speak and engage in more than 20 languages via conversation and its tablet.
  • Easy to use with intuitive software requiring no coding skills, Pepper is also a fully programmable platform, perfect for STEM studies.

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Experience the future of education

Our solutions provide a scaffolding that give your students hands-on, contextual, real-life experience with robotics. Our program takes your students from Kindergarten through their College years and beyond. Contact us to today to learn more about our solutions.

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