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Inspiring Curiosity & Shaping the Future

NAO and Pepper integrate a range of software and hardware, offering students a rich learning experience and teachers the ultimate educational tool.

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Endless opportunities for academic research and innovation

Enrich the learning experience through hands-on learning

Robots immerse students in interactive and engaging learning environments creating a visceral, contextual experience that develops their critical thinking and problem skills while fostering collaboration.

Acquire multidisciplinary skills

Robotics brings AI to life by merging diverse subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Strengthen academic research in robotics and beyond

Students cultivate technical skills essential to their field using cutting-edge technologies.

Multiply teaching efforts

Robots support educators in the classroom by delivering personalized learning experiences.

Tailored to your needs

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Nurturing the tech leaders of tomorrow

Transforming education: multiply teaching efforts
  • Preparing students for future workforce. Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills that employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years.*  Robots serve as a platform for students to learn programming and other robotic skills, preparing students for future careers in engineering and technology.
  • Teaching languages. Engage in real-time conversations, pronunciation exercises, and vocabulary drills.
  • Create a dynamic learning environment. Provide hands-on experience and bring complex subjects to life . Our robots create interactive activities, transforming the conventional classroom into a collaborative workspace.
Empowering students: a future-focused approach to learning
  • Hands-on learning experience. Robots offer real-time feedback, simplifying difficult subjects and making "learning by doing" accessible to higher education students.
  • Experiential education. Our robots facilitate academic research and innovation, paving the way for new applications in human-robot interaction.

User-friendly, no-code needed

Pepper and NAO can be used with apps or via a drag and drop software (Choregraphe), making it easy to create animations, behaviors, dialogues, and games.

Multiple programming languages

The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides access to all the features of Pepper and NAO. Python, C++, Java, and Javacript are available.

Pepper SDK for Android

An integrated plugin for Android Studio, that makes Pepper compatible with Android applications, and allows development in Java or Kotlin.

Scalable & Versatile

With options ranging from "no-code needed" to advanced programming, we offer highly versatile and scalable solutions for a variety of applications.

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Bridging the Gap With Robotics in Modern Research.

Our robots are at the heart of major advances. They serve as a platform for development in robotics and artificial intelligence as well as a valuable tool for design-oriented research driving innovation in diverse fields.


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Innovative Solutions for Higher Education

Pepper, the one-of-a-kind social robot for students and teachers

  • For Robotics Programming: Pepper provides full immersion in robot-specific coding, while cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • For Language Learning: Pepper immerses students in interactive language learning, building engagement and providing personalized courses.


NAO, the flexible cornerstone for programming, language-learning, and more.

  • For programming: NAO paves the way for tech leaders of tomorrow through contextual programming experience.
  • For Language Learning: NAO gives lessons in a fun and engaging environment, adapting its methods to each student’s unique pace and learning style.

Ready to multiply your teaching efforts?

Contact us to evaluate your needs and discuss your project.

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Experience the future of education.

Our solutions provide a scaffolding that give your students hands-on, contextual, real-life experience with robotics. Our program takes your students from Kindergarten through their College years and beyond. Contact us to today to learn more about our solutions.

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